To The In-Between Girl

To the in-between girl:

You’re the girl he calls when he needs a confidence boost. You’re the girl he texts for advice. You’re the girl that picks up the pieces of his heart when he’s in a problem.

You’re more than just the best friend but you’re not the girlfriend either. You’re not the girl he takes home to his parents but you’re definitely the girl he wants to hook up with afterward.

He trusts you in a different way than he trusts everyone else and that makes you feel special. You’re his lucky charm, the person who makes him feel better, the Oreo to his Cookies and Cream, but you’re not his forever either.

You might be his favorite but the problem with this is that favorites change and you are so much more than just another flavor.

You deserve to have someone who’s all in instead of someone who’s half out. Deep down you know it’s true because if you didn’t the realization of him never being around unless he’s in need of something wouldn’t hurt so much.

You’re always there for him but he’s just never there for you. You’ve tried to give him up so many times but he’s like a drug that keeps you coming back for more.

Just when you’re ready to say goodbye there he is again giving you hope, pulling you back in, and making you believe it’s going to be different this time.

He looks at you with such admiration and although it makes you feel good to have his praise- it feels really bad when you find yourself going alone to events because once again he just couldn’t make it.

I know that the reality of losing him is unbearable but the thought of losing yourself should be even more appalling. What he’s doing to you is selfish and he knows it but he won’t stop until you put a stop to it.

You keep waiting around because you want him to change and make you his girlfriend but the truth is that if he hasn’t already then most likely he never will.

This doesn’t mean that you aren’t girlfriend material it means that he’s not worth your effort. Someone who isn’t willing to commit is not an equal but a parasite. You deserve to be the “it” girl not the “sometimes when I feel like it” girl.

You deserve to have someone who cares not just about themselves but of you. The right guy is out there and he’s probably already noticed you but he knows he can’t compete with your drug.

The only reason you allow this guy to take advantage of you is because you don’t realize how special you truly are. You lavish all your praise, admiration, and gratitude on a guy who does nothing for you.

Instead he sucks you dry of all the opportunities where you could have given your admiration to someone who would have given it back.

Don’t allow this guy to take any more from you; you hold the power. He’s sucked you dry of opportunities in the past but don’t let him continue to do so in the future. You are not a coaster that he can put his glass on whenever he feels like it; you are a gem, and gems don’t need someone else to shine they just do.

So go out and shine because girl you are beautiful just the way you are. Make yourself the “it” girl instead of the “in-between girl” because that is your right and no one should ever make you feel like it’s not. TC mark


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