6 Smart Ways Focusing On The Good And Beautiful Will Transform Your Life

Don’t wait till something good happens that will blow your mind and change your life. Focus on the good and beautiful things that you have in your life right now, no matter how small you think they are; observed them, name, enjoy them! This way you can have a positive feeling instantly and, despite any difficulties, you will feel uplifted and optimistic.

1. Avoid negativity

I know that you know it- but do you do it? Do you avoid engaging in negative thinking, obsessing over the past and over-analyzing what happened? Do you avoid counting solely your mistakes while you ignore your small victories? Do you have anxious thoughts about the future? For everything negative that enters your mind, counteract it with something positive. Start counting all the positive moments, like the fragrant cup of coffee or tea, the color of the sky, anything.

2. Make a list of the things that you enjoy

What are some things that make you smile and make your soul sing? When was the last time you engaged in them? And what was the last time you did them without being distracted by negative thoughts and worries? Just make a list of all the things that give you a joyful feeling, a sense of optimism and meaning- then make sure you do at least one of them daily. Once you get in the habit of practicing what you find enjoyable on a daily basis, without postponing it for “later,” you will find that you are happier and more satisfied with your life. This way you create a foundation of positivity and then you can build your life on it.

3. Learn to focus on your breath and the present moment

Learn to energize your brain and charge your batteries fast with a sense of calm and well-being- all you have to do is focus on your breathing. Breathe in, breathe out. Even better if you can close your eyes while at it. Breathe in relaxation, breathe out stress. Make room in your brain and soul to rest and reconnect with a vital feeling of calm and quiet.

4. Stop complaining

Perhaps you have valid reasons to complain about what’s wrong in your life, your difficulties and misfortunes. But is complaining going to change any of that? Obviously not! The only thing that it accomplishes is to make you feel worse and color your life with negativity. So talk about your difficulties, try to find solutions to your problems or ways to manage them and stop there! Don’t go about moaning and groaning. Don’t make your problems your identity. Remember that you are not your problems. Your life is more than your problems. Invest in the small positive moments of each day.

5. Gratitude journal

Do you keep score of all the good things that happen to you? Of all the small daily pleasures and moments of joy, no matter how small? Well, if you don’t it’s high time you started. Use a separate file on your pc, sticky notes, a traditional journal, write them with lipstick on your bathroom mirror… do whatever you like. Teach your brain to stop and appreciate the good moments.

6. Add a daily dose of beauty to your life

It’s the little things that add up and make a big difference. Get a beautiful flower pot in your living room or your desk. Invest in an inspiring cup to drink your coffee or tea. Hang some art on your walls or even pictures that you like. Go outside, walk in a park, visit a museum or gallery- observe your environment, take it in, appreciate the beauty around you. Even if you are stuck home working on your p/c, you can still add a daily dose of cuteness by looking up pictures of your favorite animals, flowers, beaches, whatever you like. Training your brain to digest beautiful information you learn to spot the happy and positive in your day.

Remember, you have the right to a happy, calm, and fulfilling life! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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