10 Little (But Meaningful) Joys That Are Hidden Throughout Everyday Life

There are so many problems and difficulties that you somehow have to tackle and manage. There’s this long to-do list that’s been haunting you the past few days. Life is tough. Your life in particular seems tougher in comparison. You stop and think, “Why me? Why this?” and then more negative thoughts flow into your brain, resulting in a cascade of negative emotions. Your day is ruined.

But wait a second! It doesn’t have to be like that! You don’t have to drown in self-pity and all the negative things that happen to you.

You. Have. The. Power. To. Do. Something. Now.

Stop and notice the small happy moments!

Cherish the small daily joys that you ignore as you focus on your problems.

1. You wake up thinking, “Oh no! My alarm didn’t go off and I’m going to be late,” only to realize that it’s the middle of the night and you can happily go back to sleep for a couple of hours.

2. You jump in the shower and stumble upon this exotic luxurious shower gel that your friend gave you last Christmas and you never used.

3. Ah, that first sip of morning coffee!

4. When you are driving and your favorite song starts playing on the radio. And then it’s commercials, so you try another station and… there! It’s your favorite song again! You are like, “Thanks, Universe, for the surprise!”

5. You were thinking about this friend you haven’t been in touch in a while. Then your screen lights up and it’s a message from them asking you how it’s been and reconnecting.

6. You are swamped and tense and then you remember to breathe. Like the breathe-in, breathe-out thing, and suddenly it feels like magic! A weight has been lifted off your shoulders and you instantly feel calmer.

7. When you are in a bad mood and scrolling down your social media and you come upon a positive quote that makes you smile and you think, “Yeah, that’s so true!” and you feel your mood lifting.

8. When you have a rough day and someone gives you a compliment about your outfit or hair or something.

9. When your friend insists on doing something different instead of going to the same old places and takes you to a different place for drinks or food, and it’s surprisingly amazing.

10. When you read a personal development article that tells you how to make your life more positive and happy and it totally resonates with you, and you start thinking or doing one of the steps, only to realize that it works! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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