7 Things People Who Actually Have Self-Worth Do Differently

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Do you often feel that when you need it the most, your self-worth seems to abandon you? Welcome to the club of the millions of people who suffer. Something goes wrong, big or small, and whoosh! Your self-worth simply vanishes, leaving misery and suffering in its place. People are quick to lose their self-worth when they are faced with difficulty, with failure, loss, or break up.

But here are 7 reasons why having self-worth can change your life…

You believe you are good enough. That’s the cornerstone of your being. You are good enough as a person. You don’t need to judge yourself harshly according to characteristics like weight, height, popularity, or accomplishments.

You have healthy self-esteem. You feel good about who you are; you feel liked and accepted.

You have self-confidence. This is how you feel about your abilities, about trusting yourself to do what needs to be done. You may have self-confidence, as in having trained hard and being able to run a marathon, but at the same time you may have a low self-esteem and not feel you are worthwhile as a person.

You believe that you are lovable. You are likable and appealing, deserving love, affection, emotional closeness. This is simple, as it allows you to realize that if you have a break up it’s not the end of the world.

You believe your presence matters. You don’t go unnoticed. You realize that your presence and your contribution means a lot to different people.

You are not afraid to acknowledge you are not perfect – you are committed to self-improvement because this makes you feel better and you don’t do it for someone else

You don’t compare yourself to others. Everybody’s different and you don’t need to “prove” anything to yourself or to others. You are your authentic self and it’s a good feeling.

You choose to have positive people in your life. You don’t just accept whoever comes down your path; you don’t act out of fear of being alone. You are selective and choose to surround yourself with positive people, who love and value you as an individual. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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