10 Tricks To Level Up Your Life

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I am sure you have “these” days… When you feel down, when things don’t work out or, even worse, go wrong. Between the bad hair days and the days you don’t get the email or text you are waiting for, feeling betrayed and abandoned, there can be a lot of emotional itchiness and unease. That means it’s time to level up your life!

1. Don’t Respond to Negativity

Really! Do yourself a favor and don’t respond to the drama queens around you, to the toxicity of coworkers, friends, and family. Learn to ignore negativity. Think twice before hitting the “send” button on the email, before answering the phone, before joining in the negativity of the other person. If someone is always relating to you by moaning, groaning, and complaining, remember that you can politely change the subject or start avoiding this person.

2. Stay Active

Between staying active and becoming a gym aficionado there’s a big difference! Opt for staying active, walking, taking the stairs. Put some movement in your life. Enjoy long walks on the beach or hike during the weekend. Or just go out and walk in a nearby park. Making 10,000 steps per day can help lift your mood, re-energize you, and help you stay fit.

3. Eat Healthier

Eating healthier is not just about losing weight or maintaining it. It’s about fueling your organism with good quality ingredients to keep going strong. Add more fruits and veggies to your daily diet. Choose crunchy foods, like carrots, apples, nuts and seeds that keep your mouth busy for a longer time. The more chewing you do the more time you buy for yourself, so your brain registers “fullness” right on time, without eating too much. Eating healthier also means sitting at a table for lunch or dinner, preferably with good company.

4. Be a Better Friend

I won’t bother with the cliché “Be there when your friend needs you,” we all know that. What about being a better friend by showing people who you really are? So, instead of always trying to fit in and becoming a social chameleon, try to show your true colors. Learn to judge less and accept more-others’ different upbringing, attitude, opinions, desires, goals… Show empathy and try to understand how others feel. And if you don’t get it, simply ask them “How do you feel?”

5. Read and Write More

Make it a habit to read articles and books that speak to you. Maybe they teach you something, maybe they help you self-improve, or maybe they are plain fun. No matter what, choose to feed your brain and soul good quality material. And while you are at it, why not jot down your thoughts and feelings? Journaling has been found to be a great way to release negative emotions, set goals, and express one’s deeper thoughts and desires.

6. Learn to Give without Expecting Something in Return

Offer your time, help, support, smile, compliments, clothes or objects you don’t use or need any more to others who need them. The sheer act of offering is always upgrading and uplifting.

7. Say “Thanks” in Different Ways

Maybe you haven’t learned to say, “thank you” and show appreciation on a regular basis, or you just do it absentmindedly, without really thinking about it. Well, how about changing this and learning to say a heartfelt thank you? Write a note, text, or email, or even send a gif to express sincerely your gratitude.

8. Be Kind

Being kind starts with accepting and not judging others. Choose to speak kindly and use encouraging and positive words. Commit random acts of kindness- the recipient can be yourself and others.

9. Spend Quality Time with Friends and Family

Who are the important people to you? Yes, it’s good to know that they are always going to be there for you, but don’t take them for granted; make an effort to connect with them and spend quality time.

10. Visualize your Goals and Act

Make it a habit of yours to visualize good things and positive changes. What is it that you desire? What’s your next goal? Don’t just wait for things to be ripe or the conditions to be right. Visualize your goal and the path that leads to it. Then take the first step in that direction. Be patient and persistent and you ‘ll get there!

Remember to take good care of your precious self! TC mark

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