Why Hasn’t This Scientology Leader’s Wife Been Seen In Public For Over Ten Years?

Youtube / TheLipTV
Youtube / TheLipTV

Shelly Miscavige, the wife to Scientology leader David Miscavige, hasn’t been seen in public since 2007. Rumors have circulated that she is either being held against her will, or worse, dead.

Did you know actress Leah Remini was harassed after asking where Shelly Miscavige was?

In 2006, Tom Cruise, an endless supporter of Scientology, wed actress Katie Holmes. Actress Leah Remini, who was also a Scientology member, was invited to the wedding. After asking a few party goers where Shelly was, she was met with no answers. In an interview with PEOPLE, Remini said she asked a top church official, Tommy Davis, who responded with, “I don’t think you have the f—— rank, quite honestly, to ask where Shelly is.” Though Davis denies such allegations, Shelly’s whereabouts were never publicly disclosed. Remini asked the Los Angeles Police Department to file a report, but they said not only was she alive, but declined to make a statement and closed the case. This incident triggered Remini’s exit from the church, and thus losing friends who still belong; while in the Church of Scientology, you are not allowed to mingle with those outside.

But wait, didn’t her father-in-law release an image?

Ron Miscavige, father of leader David, is promoting his new tell-all book about the church called “Ruthless.” In an interview with Good Morning America, he shared a family photo that is obviously outdated, however Shelly appears in the photo. There’s no time stamp or indication that the photo was recent, which doesn’t answer any questions to her whereabouts. When a Twitter user asked Leah Remini, she responded “it’s obviously from when “The Love Boat” was a big hit, but I’m just guessing.”

Could money be a factor?

As of 2013, David’s net worth was reported to be $50 million dollars. Though best known for being the leader of Scientology, he is also on the Board of Religious Technology Center, a corporation that controls and manages trademarks of Dianetics and Scientology.

As a teenager, David was a deputy to church founder L. Ron Hubbard, and later climbed the ranks. However, many members who have since left the church claim abuse, even going as far as calling him a terrorist.
Louis Theroux, a film maker, attempted to make a documentary that was more complimentary than the hit “Going Clear” which shined a dark light on the church. While trying to film, Theroux was was followed by Scientology members, a practice many people say occurs when an ex-member tries to talk about the church in anything but a positive way.

Is she in a secret prison?

According to his father’s new tell all book, David sent Shelly to live in a compound with several other Scientologists. In the early days of her disappearance, she would send her father-in-law presents and cards, but as the years went on, the contact ceased. Tony Ortega, a reporter for Raw Story reported: Shelly Miscavige was essentially deemed a “non-person” by her husband after the couple clashed over her role in the church, and she was sent away in August or September 2005 after asking another Scientologist whether David Miscavige was still wearing his wedding ring. It is believed she will never be allowed to leave the compound, where alleged enemies of the church are forced to work and live.

Has the alleged hostage been turned to believe she’s in a safe place?

According to a Huffington Post article, a journalist who has broken news previously about Scientology believes that even if Shelly were found, she wouldn’t leave. “Her story would take a considerable amount of time to tell, and ultimately, does she really want to be rescued? I’m doubtful about that.” Sources say Shelly is alive and archiving L. Ron Hubbard’s words on steel plates.

No matter who you ask in the Scientology community, Shelly’s location will always remain mum. The mystery of her disappearance continues. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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