This Is Why Neither Of Our Two Terrible Presidential Candidates Will Get My Vote

Flickr / KAZ Vorpa
Flickr / KAZ Vorpa

I’m not a political junkie nor do I label myself as a Democrat or Republican. I’m an “issues” person; someone who will vote for the candidate that shares my ideology on the most important topics. Unfortunately, this race has me at a total loss.

I would love to have a female president; however, I am not voting for Hillary Clinton because she has a vagina and WOAH—so do I. I know a few people who, unsurprisingly, will vote for her because of that alone.

I enjoy Bernie Sanders, but only because he reminds me (as SNL has proved) of Larry David, who I have special affection for. But if I voted on candidates who resemble celebrities I like, then I would have voted for Sarah Palin; that’s a big EFFIN no.

But, here we are: Hillary Clinton is the presumptive Democratic nominee. Where does that leave me? In a big hole of “What the hell do I do now?”
Normally, I wouldn’t even care who gets the White House because it wouldn’t affect me, but now it does.

My mother recently lost her health insurance due to my father’s death. Because of Obamacare, and the law that you must apply within 90 days of a qualifying event, we had trouble finding her insurance. 90 days seems like a lot, until you’re mourning a loss so great, you can’t really think outside of your own grief. The only common thread between all the calls, and emails, and letters was this:

“Due to Obamacare, we can’t do this.”

“Due to Obamacare, we can’t do that.”

Don’t get me wrong, I fully support affordable health insurance for all, but not when it leaves you in a corner, begging for care that you can’t get because of some small print restrictions.

Who is going to make this better? Will Hillary Clinton reform health care in a way that allows anyone to gain insurance without loopholes that benefit the company, and not the insured?

Will Donald Trump make health insurance great again?

I understand this isn’t a priority issue for most; those who have full-time employment that provides health care probably don’t worry about this, but what about the elderly who can’t afford such high premiums? What about the single mothers who are working their ass off to make ends meet? Who’s going to prevent doctors from denying you because all you qualify for is government issued insurance that doctors don’t want to get involved in?
So I sit here, watching the news declare that Hillary is the presumptive nominee for the Democratic party, and Donald Trump winning for the GOP (isn’t he running against no one at this point?) and wonder which one will really make the better president? Having the ability to see a doctor is a right, not a luxury.

If I had to vote tonight, I’d more than likely write in Angelina Jolie’s name; after all, she has a vagina, and is all for human rights—it would be a win, win! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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