14 Questions Every Twin Has Been Asked

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Pressmaster / (Shutterstock.com)

Twins fascinate people. I can say this because I am one (yes, identical—that was probably your next question.) This fascination comes with the same set of questions no matter if you’re young, old, fraternal, identical, famous, or not.

1. If I punch her, can you feel it?

If I punch you, will it knock some sense into your brain? No, I can’t feel it. Next question, please.

2. What is she thinking right now?

Depends on the time of day, the weather, what is on her agenda, if she’s hungry, if she needs coffee, if someone is annoying her, if she likes what she’s wearing, who she’s with…she is probably thinking, “I should text Liz.”

3. Do you finish each other’s sentences?

Duh. Twins are cool like that.

4. How do people tell you apart?

I don’t have to tell myself apart, so you tell me.

5. How did your mom know which one was which?

Because she’s our mom. Hello. MOMS JUST KNOW.

6. Have you ever switched places?

Yes, in kindergarten, we had a hard time writing each other’s names so it only lasted a day.

7. Were you always best friends?

NOPE. Remember when you were a teenager and you hated everyone? That happens with twins.

8. Did you dress alike as kids?

Yes, of course. When your mother has twins, she can do whatever she wants, including dressing her babies in matching outfits. BOW DOWN.

9. Do you like all the same things?

Uhhh, no.

10. Do people mix you up still?

Probably. You get accustomed to answering to your name and your twin’s name.

11. Who’s older?

Who looks older?

12. What’s it like being a twin?

What’s it like being a singleton? I don’t know! I was only an only child for three minutes! Awesome?

13. Do you like Mary Kate and Ashley?

Probably only because everyone in 4th grade did at the time, not because they were twins.

14. Is this too many questions?

Yes, but once people find out I’m a twin my life turns into one big interrogation. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. LOVE YA, TWIN. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

I’m an identical twin with two different thumbs. I live in a city but love the country. I’m a writer at Forever 20-Somethings.

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