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The Pain Of Losing You

I feel pain in my liver
because last night, I drank a fourth a bottle
of tequila.
They say tequila makes a person’s clothes fall off
and I wanted to know if I could feel that way
with someone other than you.

You Don’t Have To Want To Get Married

Life is about experiences, not checking off certain criteria society has made for us that is considered a “well lived life.” People are placed in our lives to teach us, to help us grow, and to live life with us. We are meant to love many people and to love them fully. Some of us will love many people and some of us may only love a few. Whoever we choose to spend our time with, we should spend it in the moment, not spend it wondering if that moment is going to lead to marriage.

Read This If You Have Yet To Forgive Yourself

At some point, you must forgive yourself. It won’t be easy. It’s easier to forgive others. But with ourselves, we never forget. We know what that pain felt like and we know how it still feels. But you must.

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