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For When You Feel All Too Small In This Big World

The world is massive, and there’s no denying that. But know that, even though there are millions of people in this world, you are connected to some of them. You were sifted from the dust that is situated around you and ignited from the flames of love, just like everyone else. You may think that you don’t know many people, but you are so connected to everyone you pass on the streets without realizing it. So if you feel alone, explore.

Here’s What To Do When You Think Of Going Back To Him

When you think of going back, start writing a novel, or a song, or film a movie or paint a canvas. Throw yourself into art, because art makes people crazy, and if you are trying to go back, you are too sane to realize how crazy life is when you stop trying to recreate the past and start creating a colorful future.

Please Don’t Forget Me

I hope that the next time you pick up someone from the airport
and you wait patiently, on the second level parking
and spot someone with the same green suitcase
You remember me.

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