I Hear Everything You Didn’t Say

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Tim Mossholder

It is easy to spot a storm from afar,

the way the wind blows, increasing its speed

the trees rattling ever so slightly, desperately trying to stay intact

the skies closing in on themselves

it is observed through the difference in temperatures, the drastic drop in air pressure

and the, sick, sudden darkening of the world

no crack of thunder is needed to know that soon the earth will shake

It is easy to sense an illness overtaking the body

the tiredness that sweeps through the mind, shutting down the brain

the throbbing pain in the back of the throat that

appears out of nowhere, when just the day

before a marathon could have been ran, a castle could have been built

no cough is needed, no sneeze needs to be had

to know that disease runs through the veins

It is easy to sense when an apparition is haunting nearby

the shivers that run beneath the floorboards

through the toes, up the torso into the spine

overtaking the entire body, from the core to the flesh

nothing needs to appear to recognize something

something is troubling, waiting, yearning to prance any moment

any chance that it gets

possessing its desires to cause chaos and fear in the night but never presenting itself in the light

no sounds need to shouted to prove vengeance is awaiting close by

it is easy to tell the way a human is thinking

no loud cracks of thunder need to be made to sense weak tremors rippling through their voice

no stabs to the soul or blunt forces need to be made to sense of why someone has turned so cold

no physical presence needs to be made for a human to cast themselves down upon you

no words are needed, no actions need to be taken

the human mind is capable of sensing another being’s perception of the world

it is quite miraculous, isn’t it? how a human can be so connected to another human without needing to vocally communicate

just the way a storm gives warning before the thunder

an illness sends trickling hints before disrupting health

an apparition haunts before nightmarishly causing fright

silence is all that is needed

and i heard you through kind words shattered by dark inflections

the cold disappearance after years of warmth

the demonizing narratives passed behind backs and underneath tables

you didn’t need to speak

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