If You Have My Number, Please Use It


If you have my number, please don’t be afraid to use it.
It’s ok if it’s been a week, a month, a decade,
you have it for a reason.

The number that you hold isn’t just my personal number,
it’s the direct line to hope and to help.
It’s a direct line to support and it’s a direct line to understanding.
I’ve been through rough times, and I’ve been through happy times,
and I’ll always understand what made you
want to pick up the phone.

So if you are awake late at night like I am,
and you wonder who to call because no one
else will answer your texts, you can call me.

I’ll always listen.

And maybe sometimes, I’ll forget to text you back or call you back
because life moves so rapidly, and some things slip through the cracks.
But don’t give up. Continue to text me.
I will never be upset.

Because if you have my number, you have my friendship.
I hope you never go a night thinking that no one out there thinks of you,
because I probably do,
and I want to hear from you. It’s alright if it’s been a while
because life goes on, and I will have forgotten how much time has
passed until I look at our last conversation and by then,
we’ll already be talking.

So if you have my number, please use it,
and if you don’t,
please ask. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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