You Were The Boarding Gate To My Escape Plane


I like to compare our relationship to an airport
We are just two people, trying to get through
without delays, without hiccups
but the more time we spend in this airport
the more I start to wonder if I like you because
you were the boarding gate to my escape airplane
out of my other relationship.

You were the excuse I needed to get on that flight,
the prepaid ticket that I was ready to take.

You were there, holding my hand
as I left the last gate, and you waited at the airport
while I took some time to fly around.
But when I returned to the airport, I thought I felt
new, cleansed, alive again
only to realize that maybe I needed your extra push to get on my last fight
but I don’t need your push to wherever life takes me next.

I think our relationship will forever stay in this airport, and
I will always remember you, standing at the gate,
arms open, waiting to take me back home
but I will never get on a flight with you, and I think you
will find a flight at another time,
more suited for you,
with someone who loves you more than
my distance can. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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