You Are Everything This World Needs

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You have a distinct purpose for being placed on this earth, and your challenge in life is to explore it.

You possess a story within yourself, even if you don’t know what the plot line of that story really is.

You may never know what it is. Your story is what will connect you with the rest of the world, and you never know when that story will intertwine into someone else’s plot line to create one finished book. If you don’t believe your story is worth telling, you are wrong.

We all have stories worth telling.

You have talents, even if you don’t know what they truly are.

Your brain may be scattered, trying to figure out what you love and how you will make a living out of what you love. And that is fine. You must follow the path to discovering your talents because when you showcase your talents, you will inspire others to showcase theirs, too.

You don’t have all the answers to yourself but neither does anyone else, so embrace that.

You have your whole life to sail through your hobbies and interests, and as long as you enjoy the waters, you are doing everything correctly. The moment you step off of your ship and board someone else’s is the moment you should be concerned.

You were not made to sail through a channel you were never trained for.

You do not need to be more than you already are. You need to be you.

The world needs beautiful, unique personalities like yours, so don’t leave yours behind in search of someone else’s. Yours is enough. Your challenge is to spread your comfortability with yourself to all of those in need of the same confidence in order to create universal happiness throughout the world.

You can be broken, beaten, and bruised as long as you learn to love yourself again.

If you say you are too broken to love, you are wrong. It will take time, but you will learn, and once you learn how to love again, you must spread love to everyone around you. The only way the world will continue to smoothly turn is if, one person at a time, we learn to love each other. You can contribute to this.

You are all the strength you need.

You do not need the strength of others to continue in life. You may think you are weak, but you will find in your lowest of moments the exact capabilities of your strength. Do not forget this as you try to make a splash in this world. The moment that defines your strength will be the moment that propels you forward in the rest of your life.

You are already everything this world needs.

Do not doubt yourself. Do not question yourself. Do not change yourself.
Share yourself with the world, and challenge others to do the same.

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