I Can’t Find The Words To Write About You


It’s been months, and I can’t find the words
to express everything I ever felt with you.
I want to share my thoughts with everyone I’ve ever met
because I want them to feel how I felt with you.
I stay awake every night, too late, using all of my leftover energy
trying to place you on paper.

I’ve tried to write about how we met
and I’ve tried to write about the day I left
but I can’t.
I can’t pinpoint every detail in perfection
and I can’t grasp the pull from my heart strings in word form.

I can’t find the most beautiful way
to describe a time so colorful and
I can’t find the emotions
that exploded through my brain
the second I let reality remind me
that by the following morning,
we would go back to being thousands of miles apart.

I can’t find a way to share in detail
that the happiest I had ever been
was in those moments with you.
I’ve tried to write poems, novels, short pieces, song lyrics
but they are either too short or not long enough.
How can a person accurately describe the feeling of their entire body
being consumed by another being, a feeling of wholesomeness?
Is that possible?

I try to capture the words frantically, in snapshots.
I write scattered sentences in notes, I sing them in memos,
I engrave them on my skin
But when I try to write one singular piece about you
I can’t .

I wonder if I will ever be able to write
one staggering piece of work about you
or if I will continue to bang my head to finish something, anything
that could exude all of the feelings I had for you.
Some say others are our muse
but you just make me insane.

The more I try to write about you
the more I realize I’m still living the words that can illustrate you.
I can’t describe you to anyone and everyone can see it.
You still exist in my mind, and I can’t stop projecting my
breathless smiles about you to everyone who asks.
You are everywhere.

I can’t find the words to write about you,
and I’m accepting that when the time is right,
our story will be unparalleled. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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