She’s Not Just My Sister, She’s My Best Friend

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One of my biggest blessings is that I got to grow up with my best friend who just happened to double as my sister. Looking back, I think about all the memories we have shared together, all of the moments that we experienced hand-in-hand, and all of the ways I am beyond lucky to have her as a constant in my life.

She’s not just my sister. She is the one person who truly just gets me. I think about how grateful I am to have her unique perspective on situations. I think about how I can talk to her about family stuff and know that she gets it better than anyone else. I know that I can talk to her about my personal stuff and know that she gets me better than anyone else. She is the one person who always comes through with the most genuine advice. She always tells it like it is, even if I don’t want to hear it.

She’s not just my sister. She is the one who always has my best interests at heart. I truly believe you’ll never find two people more fiercely loyal than sisters, and my sister has always been my biggest ally. And there’s something to be said about truly growing up side by side and choosing to stay close and to continue that friendship into adulthood. It was never an option for us. We were linked from day one, and we knew that we would only grow closer as we got older.

She’s not just my sister. She is my shoulder to cry on. She is my late-night phone call. She is the one that I seek out to talk about my irrational fears without fear of being judged. She is the one who knows my every weakness, my every flaw, and every good or bad decision I have ever made. She knows all of my stories, she has heard them over and over again. She has practically lived them with me.

She’s not just my sister. She’s the one who finishes my sentences. She’s the one who shares the same mannerisms as me. She is the yin to my yang. We have our differences, but at our core, we are made of the same fire. She is the one who inspires me to push the limits and go for my dreams. She is the one who knows my every quirk and every take-out order.

She’s not just my sister. She is my lifelong friend.

She is someone I can count on when my world is caving in. She is the first person at my side for the big stuff, good or bad. She never hesitates to show her support, even if that sometimes means delivering the tough love that I’ve been missing.

She knows me and loves me for who I truly am and has never once made me feel like I needed to change. She is supportive of my dreams with the same vigor that she has for her own ambitions. She is a fiercely empowering role model and never ceases to amaze me with her awesomeness.

So, I just wanted a chance to remind her. To tell her that she has made a profound impact on who I am. Because I know sometimes, we can take our sisters for granted. So, just in case I haven’t told you lately.

You are my favorite. I love you. Thank you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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