Resolve To Find Your Happiness Again This New Year

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Zoe Deal

I know that this year has been challenging in more ways than one for you. I know that you’ve had a hard time keeping up with the pacing of your life. I know how discouraged you feel when you reflect back on everything that went wrong and all the things you had to experience this year.

But, I also know that a new beginning is coming for you. It’ll be an opportunity to start over and brush aside the pain from your past. It is your time to move forward and leave all of that behind.

So, there are a few resolutions I want you to take with you into this new chapter.

Resolve to forgive. Forgive yourself for the mistakes you’ve made. Try to forgive others for their mistakes as well. Decide which relationships are toxic and let them go. Find the friendships that have grown with you and continue to grow together.

Resolve to start over. Again and again. It may be every month. It may be every day. You are allowed to reinvent yourself. You are allowed to change your mind and make new decisions. You are in charge of your story, and you are allowed to rework it and write new chapters.

Resolve to find the good. In people. In circumstances. It’s always around us, although it can be tempting to let the darkness overtake it. No matter how small the glimmer is, find that light and hold onto it.

Resolve to make progress. Fight for your dreams. Make realistic, short-term goals while still going after that big picture that you’ve envisioned. Resolve to love your body and make decisions that help it be healthier. Resolve to love your mind enough that you’re constantly nurturing it with information. Resolve to love your spirit enough that you search for peace in the chaos of your everyday life. Make changes because you see your potential, and you love what you see.

Resolve to find your happiness, whatever that may be.

Find your confidence by working on your relationship with yourself. Find your courage by allowing yourself to go out on that date even after your heart was recently broken. Find your calling by continuously putting yourself out there and searching for what can make that passion a reality.

Above all else, resolve to take back your life. Resolve to find your motivators and find your magic again. Resolve to take the resilience you found in your pain this past year and use it to help you create the life you’ve always wanted. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Liz Newman is a blogger and poet from the Midwest.

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