16 Awesome Benefits Of Having Insomnia

Insomnia generally gets a bad rap. It can be really annoying and depressing sometimes, but it does have its perks.

1) You’re never that lame kid who falls asleep first at a sleepover, wine night, house party, etc.

2) Other people generally don’t get to do embarrassing things to while you’re asleep (like drawing a dick on your face in sharpie) because they fell asleep before you.

3) You get to be truly alone with your thoughts.

4) You can figure a lot of shit out while you’re alone with your thoughts.

5) You learn to think deeply.

6) You stay up to date on social media happenings and things going viral, since you probably spend a good amount of time scrolling through the web late at night.

7) You’re good at staying up late to study or meet deadlines.

8) You have a greater tolerance for lack of sleep.

9) You can silently (or out loud, if you’re feeling sassy) scoff at those people who do require a lot of sleep to function.

10) Since we naturally fall into thinking about the past when we’re left to our thoughts, we often learn more from our past.

11) You have time to really think about your future.

12) You learn how to be alone, and like it.

13) You get to experience the quietest part of the day.

14) You spend more time conscious to the world. I like to think that I’ll sleep when I’m dead.

15) Sometimes your best work or biggest epiphanies come from nights of insomnia.

16) You belong to the special and secret club of insomniacs. It’s not secret because we don’t talk about it, but because nobody else understands it. This can result in you feeling like a badass. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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