19 Times The #FinalFive Was Being Amazing While Ryan Lochte Acted Like A Disgraceful 3-Year-Old

1. Looking fresh on The Today Show (instead of, ya know, lying on The Today Show).

2. Working out even after they’re all finished competing.

3. Looking up for Martha Karolyi’s cheers after Simone and Aly won gold and silver in the all-around final.

4. Getting their beautiful faces on a Special K box.

5. W I N N I N G.

6. Starring down their goals and accomplishing them.

7. Simone posing with her “Brazilian boyfriend.”

8. Getting their faces on Smuckers jars. NBD.

9. Simone and Aly achieving “dynamic duo” success and trending like hell on Twitter.

10. Squuuuueeeeezing into the TOP 40.

11. Illustrating Laurie and Simone through the ages.

12. Showing us what true support looks like.

13. Making Zac Efron’s Olympic dream come true.

14. Celebrating with the people who supported them the most.

15. Playing foosball.

16. Handing us all the squad goals we truly aspire to.

17. Looking like complete bosses in the Olympic rings.

18. Getting a potential invite to go shopping with Blake Lively.

19. Taking care of each other — and tucking each other into bed.
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