Why You Should Love An Alpha Female, Backed By Science Not Fuckery

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It’s not what you think. This isn’t about justifying hype and opinion. Fuckery aside, let’s peel back the complexities of an Alpha female and the benefits of loving one of these creatures.

If you’re the type of female who can distinguish between constructive criticism and manipulation, you’re not dependent on another’s opinion because you trust yourself, or you’re often told you’re intense or intimidating upon introduction (being asked to be responsible for someone else’s space) then you might be an Alpha.

Alpha females invoke more of what studies have deemed the “winning effect” based in the dorsal medial prefrontal cortex. Don’t you love science? Professor Hailan Hu, a neuroscientist at Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, China puts it this way “By activating the dmPFC region of the brain, low-ranking mice were immediately emboldened. “It’s not aggressiveness per se,” Hu said. “It increases their perseverance, motivational drive, and grit.” Sounds like the traits of an Alpha female. It also gives us a sense of why people are both intrigued and intimidated by the elusive Alpha.

Our brain contains billions of cells in beautiful patterns that balance every detail of our day, from our heart rate to our mood. The Alpha female not only balances her life and pinpoints her winning neuronal circuits but creates her own positive neuro pathways by sheer habit and focus. Who wouldn’t want to love one of these rare unicorns?

I’m not saying it will be easy. Because hey, complex isn’t easy. I’m not saying she won’t give you a glimpse behind the veil (both light and dark) because if she lets you in, you’ll see it all, but you will never doubt her loyalty. Ready to take a chance? Here are just a few of the reasons to love an Alpha.

She Doesn’t Follow the Rules So You Know Life Will Be Exciting

It doesn’t dawn on an Alpha to play by the rules, because she has always made her own. Society is great at telling people what to do and bullying us into believing outliers aren’t welcome. But an Alpha imposes her own will and is a keen chameleon making her own way in the world. She’s o.k. with being a loner or immersing herself in different social circles.

Alpha research has been focused on the dominant traits of wolves and monkey’s, but we are luckily more complex than that. Alphas may exert more power and dominance, but they aren’t exerting narcissistic behaviors, they’re choosing to ignore the status quo. Look at these 6 traits she uses to make life intoxicating and maybe a bit more dangerous. Skydiving anyone?



Natural leadership skills

Protective instinct



She Was Born This Way and She’s Proud of It

Until recently, a phenomenon that can be called the “positive estrogen loop” has been the mythology of Alpha females. Until University of Michigan psychology professors, Steven Stanton and Oliver Shultheiss established that high levels of estrogen really do create a cycle of winning and competitiveness. Again, based on science. Just like the natural Alpha trait of resilience, a catalyst for power acquisition can be attributed to high estrogen levels like those found in Alpha females.

Here’s how it works; Alphas are motivated to win, winning spikes estrogen creating a positive high, increasing the desire to “win” and repeating the cycle. Most likely Alphas will experience a consistent estrogen high. Seeking a feeling of recognition or power can be addictive, but it’s equally as important for Alphas to recognize their need for a healthy balance. They usually find that innately, not only with estrogen highs but adrenaline rushes. So, take that psychedelics, Alphas are naturally high.

She May Have Experienced Many Adversities but They Don’t Define Her

Most Alphas have a loner streak and know the importance of balancing time for personal reflection. Especially in the face of adversity. She knows she dances to her own EDM song and will have some lemons thrown at her because of it. That doesn’t stop her from being free, both in her mind and in life.

Alphas may have experienced harsh adversities even as a child. Naturally bright, articulate, charming, and willful, her traits will emerge at a young age, making her a target or separating from the norm. These traits will also help her learn to manage behaviors through deeply tough times instead of becoming destructive. She can recognize negative patterns from emotional or physical trauma, and work to tame her own demons with healthy options. She sticks to winning, feeling the pain of adversity but not letting it tame or break her. Hardships don’t set her limits, no one does but her.

Driven, assertive women still get labeled “bitchy” as an Alpha unlike the traditional men’s label of “confident” with the same behavior. An Alpha female works to break this distressing double standard and prepares well for the future.

Love the Whole Package

Science proves that Alpha traits have been around for centuries. They are animalistic and innate. If there is confrontation, it’s not for confrontation sake, but to say, “This is who I am”. They acknowledge their own complexities. Alpha females don’t try to be in the Alpha position, they just are.

Rather than driven by fear, they are driven by their hyper-ambitious desires built into their DNA not driving people away with an attempt to overpower them.

Love an Alpha female and enter their sphere of existence. Alphas love hard and are loyal AF. If you need her, she’ll walk that mile. If she makes a promise, nothing less than a deathbed can keep her. She’ll be there and ready. In heels. With champagne and hor devours. She knows the weight of a promise to you and to herself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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