We Are All Wild Adventurers

Brooke Cagle / Unsplash

We are wild adventurers.

We have a deep curiosity of ourselves and our world. We are self-actualizing. We are outdoor warriors. Whether we are starting out or pursuing our greatest challenge. We are wild because we desire more. We don’t follow but inspire. We are wild, not because we already know nature’s adventures in our souls, but because we seek adventure close to home and in foreign lands of other wild adventurers. One’s that dismantle closure and open doors because we have agreed to learn the lessons of the world.

We are storytellers. Each with a vision. We connect to the world in a way that grows us. We push our bodies and our minds to open the next door. We travel not to escape but get closer. Closer to ourselves. To a boundary we never thought we could capture, shatter, then move beyond, because boundaries are where the story is, not the fear.

We create our own destiny. Our tribe. Our voice. Not to exclude, but because it takes courage to join. To learn. Seek. Change. Voice who you are as a wild adventurer. To build your empire. Not one that takes from others but returns us to our innate self. We are wild, wonderful, intuitive leaders shaping voices.

We create journeys that last long after they are done with lifelong results. Imagine a you without the same stress, worries, and restraints. Imagine you could reach a state of connection that allowed you to achieve your dreams in real life. We don’t move away from pain or fear, because we grow too healthy to be stuck there. We journey to adventure not just for pleasure, but to crack open boundaries unhealed in us, returning to our true wild selves. We are restless multi-interested adventurers who lead to reach a new level of humanness that connects physical and emotional health through curated retreats.

We are wild adventurers because we’ve learned the outdoors connects us to our core. A core that has helped heal many, has provided for untold adventures, and brought us our uncommon core that has shaped our goals, successes, wins, lives and relationships providing the benefits only a wild authentic core can pursue.

We give back to wild because we know social return is bigger than us. We invite the wild because is a wide world waiting for each wild story, and we have many doors to open. We are here because of your calling.

We are wild because wild things are natural. What kind of wild will you be?

This is our wild manifesto. This is your wild. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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