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Mind Over Matter

Mind Over Matter

Does it solve anything for us to read about others’ experiences with mental illness? Maybe not, but it should be part of the prescription.

BBC America’s No Kitchen Required

Dr. (Doctor!) Shini Somara, the host of the show, has a habit of deliberately repeating very easy-to-understand information to the chefs. The chefs nod patiently. Pregnant silences are punctuated with chirps from local fauna.

Motel, U.S.A.

At the other end of the motel, a very tanned, slight man, a kind of sleazier Sting, was standing shirtless in the doorway of his ground floor motel room, talking on the phone. He seemed confident, proud, as if he lived in the Motel 6.

In The Country

On the West Coast, nature is a kind of multimillion-dollar museum exhibit: look at how big they (presumably God) made these trees, meaning both wide and tall, and stupefyingly so, for us museumgoers!

My Lana Del Rey

Del Rey conveys a kind of intimacy and warmth every time she steps outside. She does not feel as far away from us as someone like Monroe or Angelina Jolie, and it’s partly because she is a singer, not an actress. We get to hear about all the bad decisions she wants to make, not just read cursory descriptions of them in Vanity Fair profiles.

Sheila Heti’s Rocket Fuel For The Fearful Artist

Sheila Heti’s How Should A Person Be?, a “novel from life” just released in the US (it came out in Canada in 2010), is not the kind of book that comes along often. It’s highly quotable, funny, shocking, anxiety-inducing and, finally, inspiring.

My Old Men

He is so effortless, it’s hard to believe he ever messes up his lines: flirting over the phone with a coat girl from Long Island “or Rhode Island” in Season 5, gazing at Joan’s son as if he really, deeply cares about the boy, but not enough to get sentimental about it.

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