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“Our Symptoms, Ourselves” Alexandra Kimball Hazlitt November 29, 2012 “It is as if she lives each moment twice: first through direct experience, and then through the lens of a perceived non-crazy other.” This is Alexandra Kimball’s description of her friend…

Starbucks: A Life

Starbucks: A Life

Fear of the unknown — the as-yet-unimagined craziest ever Starbucks patron — is really the only drawback of Starbucks-as-office. The Internet will never not work, and the coffee is always the same: flavorless, with a vaguely plastic aftertaste, and lovably strong.

Music To Teleport To

Music To Teleport To

Motivated by the fear that my computer would explode if I listened to “Vowels = Space and Time” one more time, here are four new or new-ish artists deserving of escapist fans.

Gym Mouse

I am unable to think fondly of my progress – the way my body can still quickly adapt to my chosen sport, become an instrument of it. Instead I fixate on what I am losing, that it could all slip away over the course of a few hours or days of sedentary daydreaming and dawdling.

Seeing Red

Seeing Red

I am more than happy to reach back into the archives of teenage experience with Swift because she gives me something to hold onto there. And I stay with her as she moves through her 20s because she knows it, as I do, as the era of excruciating rejection and miscommunication.

Deep-Sea Diving With Bat For Lashes

There has never been anything overly studied about what Natasha Khan does. Onstage, she could be hanging out in her childhood bedroom back in the English countryside – goofing off, experimenting. And yet this is her job, and she is very good at it, which doesn’t seem fair.

Diary Of A Literary Icon

Susan Sontag’s early journals guide us through those tumultuous years of our teens and twenties when emotional intelligence is trying to grow up alongside the rest of our brain, but can’t seem to keep from falling behind.

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