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The Trip Takes You

This is one episode in one piece of the world, but I believe that everything that happens here is worthy of praise: the stubborn, gray snow. The names of the roads. The island full of birds, despite the forbidding qualities that island takes on at night (every tranquil place needs a dose of the macabre).

Should We Give Up ‘Fast Fashion’?

It doesn’t bother most of us that our clothes have gotten lighter over the years, that the fabrics are more often derived from plastic, or that they die a small death every time they go through a cycle in an industrial-strength dryer.

In California

No matter how much I saw of California, I still felt like a small kid wandering around the Museum of Natural History, intimidated, awestruck, and confounded by the size and volume of everything — trees, sunshine, cars, orange groves, crop fields, everything.

Learning To Throw Caution To The Wind

Other people can’t urge some fundamental shift in our beings, to teach us that when we do new things, we’re not doing something “out of character” — that we’re just living. We have to do that ourselves.

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