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I Basically Live In A Cafe

Today is the six-month anniversary of my patronage of a particular branch of a New York cafe. I’ve come here between 12 and 18 times a month, for four to six hours a day, for six months. I’m proud of, and embarrassed by, this. There are regulars here, but there seems to be none more regular than I am.

A Case For Veganism

In the past couple of months, a pair of studies has given new strength to the vegan argument — to a group of people who have, it seems to me, been right all along.

The Way We Advertise Now

More and more companies, including Nike and Ford, are ditching aspirational in favor of real because they’re seeing that reality doesn’t necessarily damage their brand. It actually helps it.

Running: A Love Story

I know that running provides me with health, happiness and enlightenment better than anything else. But what spell needs to be cast to get those three things to emerge, and to keep emerging?

‘Hart Of Dixie’ Is My Happy Pill

There is more to Hart of Dixie than its love triangles. Specifically, its tone. It is lighthearted, upbeat, happy, uncomplicated, easygoing — all the qualities I look for in a long-term relationship with a television show, and which are surprisingly difficult to find on television right now.

Trading The Roads For The Mountains

I decided to remove myself from flat concrete and tarmac and show my body real challenge, real pain, not the pain of running dull, flat miles down polluted, crowded streets fractured by traffic lights. And suddenly I got somewhere.

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