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A Suicide in the Reddit Community

There are probably thousands of “power users” on Reddit––users who have submitted, voted and commented tens of thousands of times and have been active on the site for years. These users are actually people, which some critics of Reddit might not believe, given the nastiness of some of the comments they post.

Gluten-Free America: A Taste Test

People who abstain from gluten have reported improvements in their joints, sleep, skin, digestion, general energy level and weight. But for these people and the approximately 1 in 100 U.S. citizens who has celiac disease, sticking to the diet is challenging, since many of the options are either expensive, full of fat, or taste like chalk.

Justin Bieber Gets Slow

Something amazing happens when you slow down a Justin Bieber song by 800%, as musician Nick Pittsinger found out by plugging Bieber’s song “U Smile” into a free program called Paulstretch.

Blake Lively Persists

As Lively grows up, appearances at events like the Teen Choice Awards have been replaced by front-row appearances at couture fashion shows and garden parties celebrating the magicianship of Valentino. She is often photographed smooshed affectionately up against Anna Wintour, the editor-in-chief of Vogue, who has put her on the cover of the magazine twice and plans to do so again by the end of the year.

C.E. Morgan’s Forceful Fiction

C.E. Morgan may be the least talked about author on the New Yorker’s new “20 Under 40” list, but her work is instantly recognizable as that of a gifted young writer who deserves every accolade she gets––and then some.

3-Year-Old Recites Billy Collins Poem From Memory

The latest adorable toddler to make it big on YouTube transforms one of the most nerverwracking school assignments, poetry recitation, into a beautiful performance, though he may have doomed himself to a life of ridiculously high expectations––from both his mother and his fans.

Life Unexpected: Winter’s Bone

Perhaps what makes Winter’s Bone so stunning is that it doesn’t try to be. Beneath the chilling circumstances that the lead character finds herself in is a chance for justice and peace, but neither horror nor its opposite are pushed on the audience. As in real life, the most moving moments are often the most subtle and unexpected.

Giving Coffee a Makeover

Despite the dependability and simple joy millions of people get from coffee, whether it’s homemade drip or a more expensive café-bought concoction, the industry is still looking for new ways to charm coffee-lovers and recruit new fans. Not surprisingly, the newest trends come with higher price tags than your corner deli cup.

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