Glasser Makes Her Television Debut on Fallon

If you haven’t bought Glasser’s debut album Ring yet, you’re missing out on one of last year’s best releases. This expertly crafted album, which was released on the Matador imprint True Panther, features production from The Knife’s team, and doesn’t have a weak song on it. Leading lady Cameron Mesirow’s conceptual approach to the album (each track mirrors another track, except for track five, the lone centerpiece) doesn’t get in the way of the wonderfully creative instrumentation, startling vocal effects, and memorable refrains.

Last night Mesirow and her band appeared on Jimmy Fallon to perform “Mirrorage,” one of the darker tracks on the album, in her network television debut. Kudos to the Fallon team for inviting this relatively obscure ingénue onto the show. And for those unfamiliar with Glasser, this video is a fine introduction to her penchant for elaborate costumes, Asian-inspired instrumentation and … vocoders. TC mark


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  • Boomer

    Her father is in the Blue Man Group…

  • Erin Pea

    weird costume reminds me of tune yards

  • Dave P

    Want to like Glasser but the songs just aren't there.

  • eric

    i was on the band bench for this yesterday, she's soooo awesome

  • uhnonnymus

    First OF now Glasser? Who is booking Jimmy Fallon?

  • Guest666

    music booker for fallon's show is obvz some young dude up on shit…cool. they should get salem or some other witchhouse band to play.

  • typo

    i saw her play in an apartment, at a friends. just her and three piano notes, twas pretty cool, i b/c a fan instantly

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