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Dolphins Save Dog’s Life

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This is a perfect tale for a dreary Friday, and there’s a video to boot. An elderly dog named Turbo, a Doberman, disappeared from his home in Florida earlier this week, and was found hours later floating in a canal by a neighbor, who was able to pull the dog out. And how did she notice he was there? The neighbor said she was only made aware of Turbo because dolphins swimming in the canal had been making a lot of noise splashing around, and when she went to see what all the fuss was about, she saw the dog and jumped in the water to help him out. So … “Dolphins and Woman Save Dog’s Life.” And dolphins in canals — is this a thing? TC mark


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    • Michael Koh


    • Joseph Ernest Harper

      cheers mate. real into dolphin content.

    • jacob

      is this a tao lin publicity stunt?

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