The Top 12 Strengths Of Being A Sensitive Soul

Being sensitive can be hard.

I know so many people who describe themselves as having a sensitive soul. Most of them have spent the majority of their lives resenting this part of themselves.

They feel weak. Fragile. Misunderstood.

They often wish they could “be stronger.”

They don’t realize how much strength they already have…

The Power of Sensitivity

Being sensitive is full of strengths. And not just any strengths…

The type of strengths that have the power to change the world.

The more you recognize and embrace these strengths, the more you’ll view your sensitivity as one of your favorite parts of yourself.

Here are 12 strengths you likely possess that you should never underestimate…

1. Intuition

Sensitivity gives you a heightened intuition. You’re acutely alert cells are deeply in tune with the world around you.

You notice everything. You see the world in colors of emotion.

What your brain is unable to decide, your soul is able to feel.

Use that intuition. Let it guide every step of your life.

Don’t allow fears or insecurities to block its wisdom.

Honor it. It is one of the greatest strengths of being a sensitive soul.

2. Presence

When others talk, you listen.

When loved ones simply need silence, you’re there, quietly.

When they need words of comfort, you have them.

Your sensitivity leads you to give people your full presence.

You don’t check your phone, you don’t dismiss, you don’t ignore.

You’re there, fully, respectfully, generously and lovingly. Looking them in the eye.

Your presence is a gift. And it’s priceless.

3. Depth

Your soul runs deep.

You feel levels of emotions most run from.

You don’t cower away from pain, you couldn’t even if you tried.

You embody it. You let it run through you.

Its sharp edges, its overwhelming torrent, carving depths of wisdom within you most can’t understand.

Those depths help you see the truths of the world, the truths within people that go unnoticed by most.

You detract the meaningless and extract the profound. You find the life lessons and you live by them.

Your depth is an invaluable treasure.

4. Empathy

Emotions transfer to you. You take them as your own.

The pain of others. The unfairness of the world. It enters and flows through you.

You don’t need to experience it directly, you just need to witness it to make it yours.

This can be hard. But it’s also empowering.

You’ll walk through fire to protect those who need it, because you know just how real their pain is.

You’ll fight for what’s right, because living with what’s wrong hurts your soul.

You’ll protect and defend with surprising fearlessness, when others who seemed so strong cower away.

And you have an understanding of fairness that most seem blind to.

Without your empathic soul, the world would suffer.

5. Compassion

Your empathetic soul breeds compassion.

You treat others as you would like to be treated, because you know so well how it feels to experience the opposite.

You protect those who are weaker than you, because your sense of justice overrides any insecurities you may have.

Animals flock to you, because their wise sixth sense knows they can trust you.

You honor nature, because you know its healing powers.

It is compassion that changes the world. A heavy burden only the strongest souls can carry.

6. Strength

Many believe it’s a weakness to feel so much. They’re wrong.

The more emotions you feel, the stronger you become.

Those who shove their emotions aside, create a weak foundation.

Because you feel so deeply, and process so thoroughly, you have a surprising solidity.

You can handle more than most because you are used to feeling more.

Your soft exterior is an elegant touch to a fortified interior.

Your beautiful softness layered with strength creates nothing short of a masterpiece.

7. Peacefulness

Your very comfort zone – a state of peace.

Where others inject chaos, turmoil, disrespect and general mayhem, you bring the peace.

Your enlightened soul demands it. When it’s not available, you suffer, because your soul knows better.

This yearning guides you. It tells you who and what to avoid. And who and what to embrace.

It tells you what you can put up with and what is intolerable.

It leads you and sets your standards.

Listen to your cravings for peace, they are the wise yearnings of an otherwise selfless soul.

8. Commitment

You don’t give your emotions away freely. You know the consequences of that.

And so you conserve them for those you can trust. Those who can stand the test of time.

And when you find those people, you treasure them.

You stand by them, you honor them, you’re there for them when they need you.

You see the sacred union in your relationships, and so you may have fewer of them, but they run deeper than most.

Your love and friendship are a blessing.

9. Health

Your body feels everything. It tells you what’s good for you and what’s not.

While others can trash their bodies and keep on moving, your body is too wise for that. It doesn’t want you to reach the point of no return.

If you listen to it, you thrive. If you ignore it, you suffer.

You can’t get away with some of the indulgences others can. Too much coffee, alcohol, etc. It breaks you down.

Listen to your body, honor its sensitive wisdom, and you will thrive.

10. Work Ethic

Your sensitive soul has fears, but hard work isn’t one of them.

You’re an asset in any task, because you do whatever it takes to hold up your end of the bargain.

You hate to disappoint and so you constantly over deliver.

You must protect yourself and not wear yourself down but you should also take pride in your dedication.

Know the value you bring. Respect your time and all that it’s worth.

11. Grace

You’re kind. You’re conscientious. You’re respectful.

You say “please” and “thank you.” And you mean it.

You’re not rude. You don’t degrade. You don’t belittle.

You give people the respect they need to be themselves. You bring out their authenticity.

You have a humble softness that puts people at ease. That lets them breathe.

The qualities you seek in nature – the peace, the beauty, the serenity, the respect for life – you embody.

Cherish your grace, as others undoubtedly already cherish you for it.

12. Love

Sensitivity is love.

When you’re hurt emotionally, it’s because there’s been a deviation from that love.

There’s no shame in the feelings you experience because of that.

Your sensitivity is your moral compass. It breeds love and protection in the world.

Without sensitivity, what would our world look like? How harsh would it be? How empty?

Sometimes the world just gets things wrong…

Sensitivity, like vulnerability, is mislabeled by those who don’t know better as a weakness. In reality, it’s the opposite – it’s a strength the world needs more of.

Just because you are deeply in tune with your emotions does not make you weak. It makes you fully alive.

Just because you experience feelings more intensely than others does not mean you’re broken. It means you’re fully awake.

Insensitivity is a curse. Sensitivity is a blessing.

Never doubt the power you have within you. Your strengths are real and they are significant.

Protect them.

It’s strengths like these that can transform someone’s life. It is strengths like these that can change the world.

As a sensitive soul, you possess unique powers.

All you have to do is believe in them. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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