What If The Man Of Your Dreams Is Married?


What if one day you meet someone who might be perfect for you but not perfect in that moment. What do you do? Do you tell yourself that it’s not meant to be because you met a person who could be perfect for you, but you met him at that imperfect moment in your life?

I’ve always believed that you don’t meet someone by accident; there is a lesson to be learned or maybe just maybe he could be The One.

Right now, my heart and head are telling me 2 different things. My heart is saying: Give love a chance to blossom; have faith that falling in love is possible. You deserve to feel again and to be loved and love in return.

But my head is saying: If you met him at this imperfect moment in your life then he’s a lesson not a blessing.

But then I wonder, if everyone thinks like this, will people lose faith in the hope for love? Will people just go about in their lives just “rejecting” or disregarding that PERSON just because they met during an imperfect point in their lives?

Wouldn’t that just be like throwing away the squashy or less crunchy apples because they’re not as delicious as the red and ripe ones? What people don’t realize is that the squashy ones makes the best jam. Should we apply this to the people we meet? Should we take a chance to allow love to blossom or just walk away from it all because of an imperfect timing in our lives?

I’m struggling with this very decision now. After days of pondering, I’ve decided to walk away but honestly, deep down inside, I’m still not sure if it was the right decision to make.

Am I a coward to not even allow hope to flourish or am I just a plain commitment-a-phobic? I’m neither. I’m just a girl who’s trying to do the morally right thing here because you see ,this man that may be The One is a married man. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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