I Watched My Heart Get On A Plane And Leave Me


The initial days were black as night
She crawled when she couldn’t walk
She laughed when all she wanted to do was scream
She smiled during the day but cried herself to sleep at night
She remembered how his blue eyes glazed over whenever he thought of something
She remembered his crooked two front teeth
She remembered tracing the lines on his face
She remembered his snorty laugh and how it filled her life
She remembered how handsome he looked in his dark blue tshirt and jeans
She remembered how good he smelt that night
Looking into blue eyes gave her an insight into his soul
She watched as he walked out of her life at the departure gates
She cried and waved goodbye to the man she loved
She fell to her knees when his figure became a speck in the distance
She remembers everything like it was just yesterday
He clearly was the one person who changed her whole life
She said, “You are the light at the end of my tunnel”
He said, “The light is still there but the tunnel just got longer”
Seventeen months on…
She stayed East
He moved West
They both wonder if East and West will ever collide. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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