10 Things Millennials Need To Stop Doing

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1. Leaving your mobile out on the table when having a meal with friends.

Our constant obsession with the virtual world sometimes impedes our ability to enjoy the physical realm. In order to spend quality time with the people you care about, give them the attention they deserve and put your phone away.

2. Staying indoors on beautiful days.

It is no secret that with the plethora of free movies and shows available online we can easily spend several hours glued to our screens. We all know that “okay, only one more episode” often means 10 more. Leave the binge TV watching for those rainy and miserable days. When it is nice out, go do outdoor activities. Getting in touch with nature will make you feel whole again.

3. Posting every moment of your life online.

Birthdays, holidays, trips, first dates, all get posted online. It is great that there are so many platforms available to allow us to share special moments with friends, family and the general public. However, constantly doing so can undermine the occasions themselves. Keep some moments intimate and experience them for you, not for the Internet.

4. Wishing your friends happy birthday via social media.

Writing happy birthday on someone’s wall is not only un-personal, it is also extremely unoriginal. If you truly care about someone, take the time to write him or her a handmade card, send a care package or at the very least call on his or her special day.

5. Texting as much as you do.

Even though texting can be extremely practical, consistently messaging friends via text does not allow you to connect with them. Pick up the phone and call your friends more often. You will be surprised at how much closer you feel to your nearest and dearest.

6. Neglecting your creative side.

The current job market for 20 somethings is appalling. With technology replacing a lot of entry-level positions, it is becoming increasingly difficult for new graduates to find their dream job. The best way to stand out from the crowd and to differentiate yourself from computers is to hone your creative abilities. It doesn’t matter what medium you choose, take time out of your day to do arts & crafts like you did back in elementary school.

7. Typing everything.

It is hard for Gen Y to imagine a time pre-computers. However, it is refreshing to write things out by hand once in a while. Get a notebook and see where your pen and pencils take you.

8. Taking shortcuts to learning.

We all worshipped Spark Notes & Wikipedia whenever we waited last minute to write an essay or complete a project. Nonetheless, taking these shortcuts is not always ideal when one wants to truly expand their wealth of knowledge. Take the time to read the classics and draw your own interpretation. Curious about a topic? Don’t Google it, read books & articles on the subject and connect your own dots.

9. Doing things for likes.

Our first impulse when something great happens to us is to immediately share it with the world. It is great to be able to tell your friends/family/followers that you just landed in Delhi or moved into your very first house as long as the amount of “likes” isn’t the driving factor of sharing. Stop constantly checking your notifications to keep track of how many likes you’re at. Just live your life for you.

10. Sharing all your thoughts.

We consistently feel the need to update the world on every single thought or opinion we have. On occasion, opt to write in a diary like you did as a tween. This will allow you to explore your own thoughts privately. Less is often more; leave some of your most interesting ideas to be discovered. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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