What To Do When You Have Disney World Withdrawal

Maybe you were innocently going about your daily life when a picture of the most magical place on earth popped up on your timeline. Or maybe you going through old vacation pictures and now you can’t stop thinking about how much you want a Mickey Bar or a turkey leg right now.

Here’s some helpful tips on what to do when you miss your home away from home.

Put Music On In The Background

There’s tons of playlists on YouTube compiled of all of your favorite rides.

There’s nothing better than listening to the soundtrack of Splash Mountain while cleaning my room. Disney is the king of ambience and the music playing in the parks is vastly under-appreciated. But online you can find all of the music, such as Adventureland and the new Fantasyland soundtracks. Personally, I like listening to the Main Street USA soundtrack while working because there are no distracting lyrics and it puts my mind at ease.

Watch Ride Videos

YouTube is also a treasure trove of ride videos. If you need a mid-afternoon pick me up you can take a few minutes and watch the Soarin’ ride video. Or maybe you need some creativity in your life, you could flip on the Journey Into Imagination and use your imagination with Figment! The best part is you get to skip the lines and still can enjoy the ride from the comfort of your own home. It’s never as good as the real thing but it just might get you through until your next vacation.

Recreate Your Favorite Foods

One of the best parts of Disney is obviously the food! And lucky for you can find copycat recipes online so you can make your favorites at home. There are also plenty of Disney cookbooks that have recipes from the parks. But if you’re really craving Dole Whip and can’t quite make it to Adventureland you’re 5 ingredients away from making it yourself. But if you’re craving something really specific like the PB & J shakes from the 50’s Prime Time Café in Hollywood Studios or the Turkey Gravy from the Liberty Tree Tavern you can find all sorts of Disney World recipes online here.

Disney World Pictures

Another great thing to do if you’re bored and missing Disney is to scroll through some amazing pictures of your favorite places. There’s plenty of photography blogs solely devoted to all things Disney World. On here you can find an amazing new background for your computer with Mickey’s smiling face or Cinderella’s castle at night. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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