6 Confessions From A College Freshman

Shutterstock / Piotr Marcinski
Shutterstock / Piotr Marcinski

1. College isn’t what I thought it would be

To be fair, I had really high expectations for college. In my naive senior days I thought college would be some magical mix of Monsters University and Legally Blonde. I assumed I’d be dating my attractive TA by the second week of college; however, I have never been less attracted to a human being than my TA. (Sorry Nettie!)

2. Every exam in college is the equivalent of a final in high school

That means it involves a lot of “studying” the week before the exam. And then an additional solid 12 hours of cramming the night before while crying into a pack of double stuffed Oreos.

3. I lost touch with some important high school friends

We told ourselves we’d still stay in touch with our high school friends and that we’d write them every day but who were we kidding. Some days we barely even talk to our roommate let alone our friends thousands of miles away. However, I don’t think we’ve lost these friendships for good. I’d prefer to think we just put them on pause while we’re away.

4. I miss my bed and dog more than I thought possible

My main regret now is that I did not appreciate my bed enough. When I think of the hours wasted outside or at the mall that I could have spent in my glorious, glorious bed, I cringe. Speaking of cringing, my parents have now resorted to sending me selfies with our dog because they know that’s a surefire way to get me to respond. Not to mention before college I didn’t know it was possible to get teary eyed seeing a picture of your dog dressed as a ladybug for Halloween but surprise, surprise, it is!

5. Complete mental/emotional/physical breakdowns occur like once a week

Sometimes the stress of writing a Spanish on the climate change (that will help me with speaking Spanish how?) gets to the best of us. The following breakdown usually involves a lot of Laffy Taffy, popcorn and Netflix. One particularly bad breakdown involved me not leaving bed all day watching all four Lilo and Stitch movies that are currently on Netflix. Still haven’t decided if that was a low point or a high point in my life.

6. Going out isn’t nearly as fun as staying in can be

One of my favorite nights of college has been in the room. My roommate and I had just finished a tough week of midterms and didn’t feel like getting dressed up and going out. Instead we ordered Chinese food and got warm cookies delivered to the room. We watched Nightmare Before Christmas and played old computer games we hadn’t even thought of in games. The best part was there was no hangover or unexplained hickey to deal with. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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