10 Things To Prepare For When You’re Reunited With Your Best Friends Over Winter Break

Basically, you can’t wait to get home to your homies. Your high school friends are some of the few people to know you during your awkward phase and still choose to associate with you so they will always have a special place in your heart. (And they’ll always have a special picture of you in your marching band uniform from 7th grade in their phone)
Take Me Home Tonight
Take Me Home Tonight

1. The group message will turn into a countdown until you’re reunited. Every few hours someone will chime in with a reminder that there’s only ~*~*6 DAYS 7 HOURS AND 22 MINUTES LEFT*~*~.

2. Reuniting with your girls will always be dramatic. It doesn’t matter that the last time you saw them was only three weeks ago for Thanksgiving break. They will still run to you in slow motion, greet you with a bear hug and a thousand questions about the boy they saw in your most recent Instagram.

3. Speaking of Instagram stalking, get ready to be bombarded with questions. He may be a new platonic friend or your date to semi-formal but your friends are going to assume he’s your new man to want to know every single detail about him. They’ve probably already stalked him on Twitter and gone through all of his Facebook pictures but they’ll still want to know more.

4. It will be an amazing break to talk about anything BUT how you’re liking school and how finals went. You will get enough of that from every adult you encounter for the next month at home.

5. Your elaborate inside jokes will be funnier than you ever remember. None of you are exactly sure how it started or when, but it’s still a classic.

6. There will be a night dedicated to catching up on everyone’s life. With so many new friends, hookups and even relationships there’s bound to be some funny, sad and just embarrassing stories to look forward to hearing.

7. You will also get caught up on the drama of everyone you went to school with. Katy’s pregnant and weird Nick from sophomore PE joined the circus and does cocaine now? Called it.

8. Everyone will immediately revert to calling you by your old nicknames. It doesn’t matter that you prefer Susannah now because to these girls you will always be known as Scu.

9. Reminiscing will be a large part of your conversation. These are the only people who will really get all of your hilarious high school stories that your college friends just won’t understand.

10. At least one friend will cry when it’s time to say goodbye all over again. But on the bright side, you get to start counting down until Spring Break! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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