The Problem With Makeup: Why Girls Don’t Have To Wear It All The Time

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Flickr / Mainstream

Coming from an all-girls school, I got used to not caring about how I looked – all I cared about was having fun and enjoying the company of my best friends – but ever since I moved to an unfamiliar city for school, I noticed otherwise. For the past three years that I’ve been here, I couldn’t help but notice how conscious girls my age were about how they looked.

I’m far from a standard model, morena, or a pretty white girl face and I was perfectly okay and accepting of that fact until the girls I surrounded myself with made me conscious about my eyebrows, my pimples, my hair – everything from head to toe. I grew insecure for quite some time – trying to learn how to trace my eyebrows, covering my pimples and dark spots with concealer, and constantly looking at all my imperfections in the mirror.

Eventually, I grew frustrated with trying because no matter how many times I covered myself with make-up, I was never really comfortable. I realized “Why bother?” – Why should I trace my eyebrows only for people to notice how thin my eyebrows actually were? Why try to cover my face only for people to realize how many pimples I actually have? Why hide all my imperfections only for people to tell me “You’re prettier with make-up.” 

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t wear make-up at all; rather, wear make-up not to look more attractive but to keep your face clean and healthy. My daily make-up regime only consists of 3 things: powder to protect my face from dirt, blush-on to balance out the skin tone of the powder, and lip gloss to moisturize my lips. The only times I would cover my face with legit make-up would be during occasions when I want to enhance my look – and I don’t mean my face but, rather, my outfit.

I’m also not saying that I don’t like to put make-up on, because I do but not for reasons to attract attention nor to hide my imperfections – this is what I want these girls to understand. At the end of the day, people will see your natural beauty. Why cover it up in the morning? Why be ashamed of having people see you without make-up? Let them accept it. In the first place, no one will really notice the imperfections your hiding if you don’t cover it up on a daily basis. Let them get used to it and let them realize how beautiful you are without make-up.

Those blemishes and imperfections do not define you. If people will constantly tell you to trace your eyebrows, conceal your pimples, or hide your eye bags – So what? Does it matter? Will it change who I am?

Be confident, walk confidently, and stay confident. Natural beauty does not exude through make-up but through confidence. Plus, you’ll thank yourself sooner or later for letting your face breathe. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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