23 Sex Workers Share The Most Insane Thing A Client Ever Paid Them To Do

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1. Help With Homework

To help me do my uni homework.

I figured this was going to be some lead-in to a naughty schoolboy or teacher/student fetish or something – 5 minutes of him watching me write an essay, then onto the fucking.

Nope. He paid to sit next to me and talk me through my homework, with some very light groping. It was definitely sexual for him, and there was what would have been inappropriate touching from a tutor, but all clothes stayed on and no-one came.

I’m not sure I want to know what was in his head at the time. (He didn’t come across like any kind of predator and I was 19 and looked it, so I wasn’t uncomfortable, more just confused.)


2. Boob Massage

I got paid like $5 to massage some girl’s boobs regularly, every day, for 2mos. And I never asked why she had me do it.


3. Poor Little Dead Stripper

My bf told me a story of this stripper who had a client that would pay for a private room and just have the girl lie with her head in his lap, eyes closed, and he would just stroke her hair and repeat “poor little dead stripper” over and over again, until the time was up. It apparently did a lot for him because she could feel him getting it up.


4. Sexy Knees

Once a client asked me to make him a 15-minute video of me “being sexy with my knees.” Even sent me example videos. At the beginning of the video, I had to turn on a car with my knees. Worth it though.


5. A REligious Experience

Dom/sex worker here (formerly)

I was paid a lot to read excerpts from the new testament to one guy while I poured really hot water onto him. That one takes the cake for the creepiest. The one that takes the cake for the silliest was a college kid who paid me to wear all blue and pretend I was the girl from Willy Wonka that turned into a blueberry.


6. Just Ten Pictures

A customer requested 10 pictures, yes just 10, of me wearing an all-white zentai suit. Just have it on and take 10 pics. Dude even bought the suit and shipped it to me, just wanted those 10 pics. I did it and guy was happy as a clam.


7. Working In A Dungeon

Working in a dungeon, you hear/see some wacky shit.

You have your run of the mill lonely guys, who just want to talk, but then you have some people who are into sick shit. One of my favorite clients is a shit-eater, he likes to have lots of Mistresses come in and poop in his mouth. Great tipper.

But then there’s others: Dudes who want to watch you pee on a cake, then they eat it There was a dude who wanted to role play a breakup, which ended in him being “murdered” There’s a BUNCH of haircut fetish guys. They want you to cut their hair. There’s the dude who wants you to dress up like a nazi, chain smoke and tell him what you’re going to do to the Jews, while he’s masturbating. The cross dressing guys are always fun, sometimes they get really fancy and wear tutus and full makeup. One even went to Sephora, bought make up for his mistress (if you spend $50, you get a free makeover), and then had the ladies apply his makeover, fake eyelashes and everything. He then walked 5 blocks from Sephora to the dungeon, dressed like a dude, but with a full face of DRAG makeup. Nuts.


8. Wear Boots, Get Offered a Job

I knew a part-time hooker who saw me wearing some lace-up lineman’s boots one day, and she offered to introduce me to a guy she knew who would pay you to stomp on his dick wearing boots. No lie. (I declined.)


9. CPR Fetish

I’m an occasional cam girl. Strangest gig I’ve accepted was from this dude who had a CPR fetish. I made this video basically roleplaying that I was afraid I might drown in my hot tub and wanted the viewer to know exactly how CPR is performed.

He ended up being one of my all time favorite customers.


10. The Micropenis Quizzer

I’m a stripper. There was this guy who came in consistently for a few weeks straight to get private dances with my coworker/best friend. He was gay.

He’d basically spend the songs quizzing her about himself, wanting her to guess things about him. Questions like “How many men have I slept with?”, “How many women have I slept with?”, “Am I a top or bottom?” “How big is my penis?”, etc. Turns out the dude had a micropenis, which she made him prove to her by having him take a photo in the bathroom next to a napkin she’d signed.

The next time he came in, she wasn’t there so he asked for some private dance time with me and spent it asking me the same questions. It was hilarious though because I already knew all the answers and got them all right because she’d told me everything lol.


11. Playing Box

I had a guy who wanted to play box (with gloves and shorts pls) while jumping around on a bed.

So, I got paid hella money to hop around on a bed in a luxury hotel and spar a little short guy, which went well until I fell off the bed and gave my self a black eye at the end of the session. He felt bad and tipped an extra 300 so whatever.


12. Thirty Four Gummy Bears

I asked this of one of my girl friends who is a cam girl. She said a guy paid for her to watch him shove 34 gummy bears into his foreskin. /vomit


13. Paid To Nap And Also For Wedgies

I’ve been a camgirl that specializes in rare and unusual fetishism for fifteen years or so, so I’ve got quite a few things for this.

A dude once paid for me to take an hour nap. He didn’t get anything out of it sexually, he just was one of those white knight types that recognized that I was exhausted and had run myself ragged that day trying to make rent, so he solved both problems the best way he knew how and bought my time then instructed I sleep. Fantastic guy.

I have a small horde of wedgy fetishists now. They’re all into seeing full back oversized granny panties with dark waist bands on my forehead. It’s very difficult, and they keep rambling about how I’m the only one that can do it right, though I’m not sure what others are struggling with. It’s kind of just all about proper underwear selection.

A guy once bought me and my female roommate at the time a kiddy pool and bulk cake making supplies, complete with dozens of things of icing and sprinkles, and had us make a girl/girl cake batter splosh/goop/messy fetish video.

I used to have occasional ‘pillow popper’ fetishists. They were all obsessed with grinding against pillows and girls tearing apart feather pillows. I don’t understand it, but it was fun (well except for the cleanup, I charged a flat cleaning fee for that one, feathers get on your ceiling fan blades…).

Expansion/inflation fetishists are always fun, they want you to suck in your stomach as small as you can, then ‘expand’ yourself slowly as if you’re a balloon, then hold the biggest you can get while they’re jerkin off.

The fetish I’ve catered to that I understand the least is pedal pumping though. It’s like one part foot fetish, one part urgency, and one part car fetish. They want to see your feet urgently slam on car pedals as if there’s an issue, and usually insist on actual matching live vehicle revving and break squealing. It’s difficult to find anywhere to do this, and even harder to not look like a lunatic in the process.

I have a million more of these, but that’ll do for now.


14. Toe Licking

I have a weekly regular who just likes to lick my toes. He lets me read my book while he does it.


15. An Indecent Proposal

I guess this doesn’t really count since I didn’t get paid. But whatever. I had this kid contact me. He wanted a video of me drinking my own piss. Now, this is not something I’m into, seems a little gross, but hey, I’ll indulge a client if they pay the right price. So I named my price, pretty standard amount for intense fetish stuff like that, and he countered with me by offering me more than a hundred dollars less than I was asking. Like “you know you love it, you know you’d be into it”. ugh. The whole thing was just disrespectful.

I guess the strangest thing I’ve actually been paid for was Skyping naked with a guy for a half hour and just, like, talking about life and dating and stuff. It was really nice and fun. That client was a sweet heart, too. Remember, folks, pay your sex workers


16. This One Is Pretty Fucked

I was a PSO for about 9 months. I needed the money to survive, due to really bad life events I won’t go into. Luckily, I like to talk dirty and I have a filthy mind so it was an easy job. 3 months in and I’ve got 3 regulars: 1 is a coke/sex addict that liked to me to watch gangbang porn with him, another is a 20-year-old chick who put toothpaste on her pussy & sent me pictures of her doing freaky shit through imgur, the last was shit eater guy. All were reliable sources of income and I knew what they liked, despite their unsavory desires I was alright with them. Then, one afternoon, I get a call from a well-spoken dude, obviously young from his voice. He didn’t get right down to the sex stuff. He asked me polite questions and held conversation beautifully. I had a persona, and a “guide” to my character at all times to help me keep it straight. When I had to answer a question I hadn’t been asked yet I would make a note of my answer on my little cheat sheet. Okay, it’s 45 minutes into the call at .99 a minute and he’s not even steered toward doing the deed yet. I start to get a little antsy, he’s either the sort that never gets off or he’s got some deeply corrupt fantasies. Finally, I asked him, “what are you looking for today, sugar?”. This is when he tells me I’m under no obligation to do this, he understands if I can’t, he’s got some things that most people would find absolutely devastating to hear. I’m not just a PSO, I do kink for fun IRL. At first, I think he’s probably just shy… He asks if I’ve ever watched snuff. I have seen the fake stuff once just to see, but it’s not something I know much about. He asked if I would watch two videos for him. I have a nauseous feeling but I agree, he repeated he didn’t want to fuck me up, he wanted to make sure I was okay. He offered to answer any questions I had, “and I mean anything, I’ll tell you whatever you want to know”. The cold case files fanatic inside me had a raging hard on. I ask him if he’s hurt anyone, he says no he only watches the ethically produced snuff porn and is on a PSO site to keep his impulses in check. He says he’s not into blood or torture. I get a hunch and ask him if he’s in the medical field, he says yes. He’s in his mid/late twenties? Yes. He’s white. Lives in a big city. He’s been like this since he hit puberty, maybe longer. He doesn’t hate women. He knows what he is and doesn’t want to hurt anyone. I ask him what he likes. He tells me, his fantasy is to pick up a hooker and take her to a hotel. When she turns around he will strangle her, rape her, and pose her body for police. He wants me to narrate these events from the time of my death all the way through the police investigation. I hang up, I watch the videos, he calls back, we begin. After he strangles me and does the things he likes, I pretend I’m a news anchor. I put on a Bostonian accent and call him the most depraved killer the eastern side of the states has seen. I pretend I’m a cop from the city he is in, accent on point, and call him a sack of shit, a real sick fuck, preying on defenseless call girls who already had a rough life. I pretend to be the victim’s (me, yeah, my stomach feels like it has cold stones in it right now), best friend from the streets. I make commentary on how terrifying the dude is from the viewpoint of a young girl going out clubbing. America is locking their windows and doors to keep this dude out. I read out headlines from different states. He’s got a $70k reward out for his capture. Everyone is scared. He’s infamous. He gets off, tells me I am an amazing girl, we talk 2 more times before I quit being a PSO. I felt like I was in front of him the entire time. I felt like if I had been in his presence my chance of survival wouldn’t have existed. He is truly the sociopathic, calm, “you will lose this fight” predator. And he let me basically case study him.


17. Weirdos And A Snuggler

One time on fathers day an Asian man had his nose shoved right in my armpit taking huge sniffs. This continued till he came.

Another guy needed you to sit on his face in full briefs and give him a hand job while you describe how you are gonna hurt him via his belly button. Eg, drag him behind a car by his belly button or spiky stilettos. Totes weird.

The nicest strangest one was the man who only wanted to snuggle. Arms around you with your head on his chest. When I saw him, he paid twice for double the snuggle.


18. Findomming

I used to do some half-assed findomming. There was one client I met with who would pay Me £400 to eat in a restaurant with him and spit in his food or chew it up, spit it out, and make him eat it.


19. That’s Just Nasty

My buddy was paid to $850 to shove Kleenex wipes into his ass. Then pull them out slowly. The guy that paid him for it used them to blow his nose.


20. Foot Dentistry

I worked the front desk at a dungeon and we had a client that liked to pretend to do dental work but on a girl’s feet. Mostly it was a tickling session dressed up as a teeth cleaning – he’d use an electric toothbrush and a tiny keyboard hose vacuum, the canned air sprayer thing and roleplay the whole thing.


21. Overpriced

So in 3 months, I racked up a total of $26,000 from a man that wanted pictures of me with clothing pins on my nipples/vagina while wearing lingerie. I have heard of weirder fetishes, but I am amazed to this day why this man from two states away would pay so much.


22. Pretending To Be “Bobby”

I worked doing escort work, texing, phone sex, … almost any job related to sex.

  • One guy wanted me to pretend to be his camp buddy Bobby. I had to make my voice higher pitched. Halfway through the call, I realized this was a grooming role play he was playing instead of the regular calls. I signaled my manager and she listened in. His job listing, we always ask to cover our ass,
  • Domination calls are the best Rich men calling my fat ass to whip them up, insult them, drink amazing wine. Long weekends I would get requested to stay over. My favorite of this was dog call. I would make guys act like a dog literally. So I make my male dogs “Fifi” and they are only able to answer in yes barks (2 barks) I had dresses, bowls, and are not allowed on any furniture. If I said, “Fifi, what does a dog do when he likes another dog but that dogs isn’t there? “Fifi” would hump the couch. Bad dogs got spanked with a riding crop. They would pay me extra to pick the treats to bring.


23. Emphasis On “Former”

Former cam girl

One would pay to have me describe what it feels like when I fart. Also, a black man (I’m white) who liked me repeating that I was white trash/a white whore.

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