22 People Share The Most Disgusting Thing They’ve Ever Seen Anyone Do In Public

Daniella Urdinlaiz


“It’s a tie between:

-A longtime friend became a heroin addict, was hanging out with me one day in midtown Manhattan while suffering withdrawals (I was oblivious, she seemed normal for once) when she suddenly projectile vomited chunky barf on a crowded city sidewalk while screaming.

-I was riding the NYC subway, packed train, saw a strange motion in my peripheral vision on my right side that caught my attention, turned and saw a man yanking at his dick like his life depended on it while staring at me. I leaped to my feet and practically flew to the other side of the car. I sat in shock for a few seconds (more embarrassed and mad, really, I’d been told this was inevitable as a chick in NYC and was pissed that it was apparently true), noticed that nobody was reacting in a similar manner and felt batshit for a second. I thought I’d possibly hallucinated a stranger’s angry, red dick because nobody was batting an eye, so I leaned over and, lo and behold, nope, he’s still going at it and nobody gives a shit. Fuuuuck. Fuck that guy’s dick. Figuratively, not literally.”




“A guy pressed his bare ass up against the glass inside of a jeweler store and diarrhea liquid shit everywhere. It was disgusting, it completely covered the glass and you could clearly see it coming out of his anus. It slowly dribbled down the glass as a security guard escorted him out, pants at his ankles, shit at his thighs.”




“I saw a way overweight lady shit her pants and continue eating at a buffet.”




“There’s this trend I’ve been seeing in men’s restrooms. After they pee, these guys just go dry their hands without washing them.

What the fuck is on your hands that you have to dry them?!”




“Girl pulled out a bloody tampon and threw it on the ground. This was at Lucky 2015 in Seattle.”




“Try on shoes with dirty bare feet covered in some sort of foot fungus then rebox and put them back on the shelf.”




“I witnessed a mom on the bus put her mouth over her toddler’s nose and suck the snot out. I had to get off the bus so I could vomit.”




“A guy at my pub whipped out his cock and started jerking off to porn in sight of everyone. Eww.”




‘Twas the day before Christmas. I was walking out of a Walmart in Texas when a lady projectile vomited while crossing the threshold. It was brown and I thought it was coffee until I saw the chunks. Her boyfriend asked if she was okay and she was like “yea I’m fine” and kept walking inside. We never went back to that Walmart.




“Leave a dirty diaper on the table for the waitress to bus at a sit-down restaurant.”




“Once saw a homeless man grab a pigeon, strangle it to death, and then take a bite out of its head like it was an apple.”




“A stocker at Walmart, casually stocking the dairy case with his whole butt hanging out of his pants.

He was a large man and had his pants almost to his knees with a very long polo that covered his ass, but every time he leaned over to put something on the shelf his full bare bottom was exposed for all to see. I was so shocked, it wasn’t just buttcrack, but a full moon.”




“One night, while working in a nightclub in Glasgow, I went outside to empty the bottle bin. There I saw a man lying on his back jerking off furiously while (what I assume to be a prostitute) pissed all over his face. Last thing I heard before I got the fuck out of there was ‘Ye want me to squeeze oot some more?’ That image is burned into my retinas for life!”




“I was walking in SF with my ex-girlfriend and her 12-year-old sister. We were near market street by that big mall. Watched a fat homeless lady get up from her spot, move four feet closer to the road, pull up her dress/moo moo and popped a squat, then shit diarrhea all over the ground. She then put her dress down and shuffled the few steps back to her spot to sit down. She shit less than five feet away from where she was posted at. No wiping of course.

We crossed the street before reaching her.”




“Scratch their balls before going through the produce bin at the grocery store.”




“I was in a business meeting once where a guy got bored and started trimming his nasal hair right in the meeting room.

I was just a little stunned.”




“I’ve seen a few. Working in restaurants only adds to it.

Saw a girl blow two guys in a U-shaped booth at a bar. Wasn’t discrete.

Witnessed a strip-dance-challenge between a drunk blonde sorority girl and a 60 something-year-old homeless guy at a Waffle House at 3:00 a.m. It was cool until she took her pants off. He followed her lead, and that’s when the cops showed up.

Was at a dive bar where the men’s bathroom shitter’s door had a huge hole in it. Like someone’s head got put through it. So, as I walk into the restroom, here’s this dude banging some chick on top of this toilet. The Virgin Mary would have died again is she had to walk into this room. But, lust, I guess. An hour or so later, I go to use the restroom again, and through the same gaping hole in the door, what do I see? A dude doing rails of coke on the same toilet. Bareback. Just like the previous tenants.

Was at a concert once. Managed to get to the front of the line at the gates by chance. The area at the gates was slightly uphill from the rest of the line. This chick in front of our group pulls her pants down and pops a squat. As her stream started rolling downhill like a glacial melt in the spring, the crowded line splits into two as if Moses were parting the Red Sea.

I’ve seen more than one person pull up a pill or something along those lines, pick it out, and re-swallow it.

But, the most disgusting thing I ever saw was a person die right next to me. I’m limiting details on this one. I lived in Hawaii at the time. My girlfriend then and I left the beach and went back to her condo. We were on the ground level, sitting on a curb finishing our cigarettes. I see a figure in my peripheral vision then hear a rustle, as this man lands face down on the concrete about six feet away. He jumped from the condo above hers, on the fifteenth floor. He didn’t know we were there because we were sitting under palm trees. It didn’t make a mess. It was clean and fast. Yet, witnessing suicide was the most disgusting thing I’ve seen.”




“I watched a homeless dude fuck a newspaper machine.”




“Not the most disgusting, but at least my most memorable. A kid sneezed in the hallway at my elementary school, and the snot basically reached the floor. Instead of….I dunno just pulling it off his nose, he started curling it up on his finger until he completed the task.”




“The grossest isn’t that bad but it was the brazenness of it. This woman was pushing her baby in a stroller in the grocery store. Her meth head type boyfriend had his hand all over her and then he put his hands in the back of her shorts and started fingering her as they walked. As they are shopping he’s alternating between fingering this woman in front of her kid and picking up and putting items in their cart with his nasty ho vagina fingers. I call him out and told them they were disgusting and needed to get the hell out of the store and I would get their kid taken away if they didn’t quit being shitty nasty people. It turned into a surprisingly long argument.”




I saw a woman infested with head lice at Walmart. So, I guess what she was doing is just being alive. It was terrible. You could see her hair moving. I ran away. Holy shit now my heads itching from just thinking about it.




“Saw someone pick the thick layers of dead skin off his feet & drop them to the floor at a middle school band concert.”

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