21 Men Share The Secret Struggles They Want Women To Know About

Tom Pumford


“We’re the same afraid and emotional insecure mental wrecks a lot of women are we’re just supposed to hide it.

Henry David Thoreau put it best: ‘The masses of men live lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.'”




“Having the ability to see and aim our pee, we spend a lot of time pressure hosing any stains off the toilet bowl.

You’re welcome.”



“How many of us go months or years without any relationship prospects or physical intimacy.”



“How annoying our testicles can get. They like to stick to us.”



“The constant worry of unintentionally seeming creepy.”



“How comfortable it is to scratch our balls.”



“The lack of compliments and what that does to your feeling of self-worth and your confidence.

I can count on one hand the number of compliments I’ve gotten in the past 6 months.”



“I think women genuinely have no conception of how little affection there is available to guys in this life, compared to how strongly we desire it and often work toward it. And yet most of the time we still wind up with none.

In my experience, women who are presented with evidence of this situation just respond instinctively that it can’t be true because they simply can’t imagine what it’s like to live in a world where affection is scarce. They spend most of their lives fighting off expressions of affection (many of them clumsy or even threatening) — so the idea of affection being in short supply just sounds unbelievable to them, like a planet where gravity works in reverse or something.”



Using a urinal while wearing chinos / light coloured trousers?
Be prepared for careful weeing to avoid return fire.”



“Being the victim of women’s low self-esteem. Ladies, you’re not happy with yourself or your life, we get that. Shit can get really fucked up some times and we can empathize. But taking out your shitty feels on us is bullshit. Men are supposed to be all stoic and shit, but we’re all pretty fucking tired of it.”



“No one really gives a fuck about us. We’re pushed so hard for personal responsibility that any failure is unquestionably deserved.

It’s stressful knowing that one unlucky day could lead to losing everything I’ve worked for over the last 10 years, there is no safety net for me if I fail unless I build and maintain it myself.”



“How about the soul-crushing loneliness most of face our entire lives?

Most guys have a few friends they can call to grab a beer or help with moving a couch, things like that, but no one to really connect with. We’re taught from an early age that we shouldn’t put our rocks in somebody else’s ruck, that our problems are just that – our problems.

So we don’t confide in our friends how much it sucks that we didn’t get that promotion, or that we’re really hurting over that last breakup. And we don’t let on how much we’re hurting to our S.O.’s, partially for the same reason, but also because we’ve been conditioned that we’re supposed to shoulder part of their burden instead of the other way round.”



“The tone men use to talk to other men in all male work environments when everything is going well would make a lot of women I know literally cry.”



“When your penis gets folded over and you can’t fix it because you are with company.”



“How sometimes when you sit in an awkward position you briefly squeeze down on your nuts as you sit down and it fucking HURTS.”



“If I’ve had a bad day at work then the very last thing I want to do is talk about it for another hour when I get home.

The problem at work will still be there when I drag myself out of bed to face it again tomorrow morning. Being forced to discuss it during the hours I have away from work robs me of quality of life.

Leave me alone, woman. Let me play video games or watch some Seinfeld reruns.”



“As a transgender woman, I’ve been able to experience both sides of the spectrum. One thing that men have to deal with is meeting societies standards for ‘being a man.’ It is very difficult to suppress how you feel, things you want to say and do without being labeled anything less than a ‘man.’ For a lot of men, it is a constant struggle. They have to be aware of where they look, how they speak, even how they express their emotions. Where a female would be accepted for complimenting on a person’s outfit or letting them know they have beautiful children, a man has to refrain a lot of the time or take a chance of being put down for being a ‘creep’ or ‘pervert.’ It is a very unfair societal expectation.



“The amount of ball scratching that happens when we are left alone. It amazing. It’s my right and left hand’s second home.”



“The dreaded double stream. Try pissing with even a hint of an erection and it goes in multiple directions.”



“Never being able to fall off the horse, so to speak. The shame surrounding failure, or not measuring up is one of the most toxic things I see men deal with.”



“We have jacked off far more times than you think. We have jacked off to things you can’t even imagine. Trying to understand the depth of our thirst is like trying to understand the size of the universe or the speed of light.”

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