13 Men Share What They’re Really Thinking About During Sex

Tirachard Kumtanom


“It’s 50% ‘this is amazing, she’s so hot’ and then it’s 50% ‘don’t cum, don’t cum, don’t cum.'”

—Nathan, 23



“…this is going to sound weird but I spend a lot of time trying to visualize the inside of her vagina and hitting the right spots and stuff. That sounds weird, right? Yeah, so that’s probably the most interesting thing I’m thinking.”

—Jayson, 26



“Well, sometimes I think about how much I love my gf but usually I’m not thinking about that. I once added up all my credit card debt in my head during sex. Somehow I still stayed hard even though I owe over $5,000 just on credit cards. I’m not good with money.”

—Rick, 28



“I tend to think about what I’m looking at, honestly. If I’m looking at her face I think ‘her face is so pretty.’ If I’m looking at her ass and back I think ‘what a great ass and back.’ I’m pretty simple that way. I’m not doing any deep thinking.”

—Chad, 21



“This is such a Cosmo question. The entire point of sex is to not think as far as I’m concerned. Like, do women actually think during sex? Why? Why are you thinking during sex beyond that’s good or that’s bad?

No, I don’t think. I can’t remember a single thought I’ve ever had during sex.”

—Michael, 29



“I have anxiety pretty bad so I tend to think things that are negative. It’s been a real challenge to get past my critical interior voice that tells me I’m not doing it right and that she’s not really enjoying herself. I do a lot of positive self talk now that helps a lot. I think this is probably more common than guys let on. The difference is that I’m in therapy for my anxiety and so I don’t feel as weird discussing it.”

—Markus, 27



“During one night stands I 100% have thought about exes. I’d bet they were doing the same thing sometimes.”

—Alvin, 24



“I’m usually thinking about how much I like sex. If the sex is bad then I’m still thinking about how much I like sex and wishing the sex was better.”

—Jake, 24



“It depends, if I’m with someone who seems nervous then I try of things I can say or do that will loosen them up or make them feel more comfortable. If I’m with someone who’s wild then I’m usually trying to get on their level. I’m kind of a pleaser in bed and that works for me.”

—David, 29



“I am an ugly man so I’m usually thinking about how I got so lucky.”

—Jeffrey, 25



“Thinking isn’t really the right word. I’m definitely trying to get into a groove though and find out what she’s responding to so I guess that stuff is going through my head. If we’re out of sync pretty much the whole time then I definitely wonder what’s going on. I also probably won’t be seeing them again, if I’m truthful. Sexual chemistry is either there or it isn’t.”

—Karl, 30



“Where and when I’m going to cum. I’m petrified of having an accidental kid even though I always use a condom. My parents had me when my mom was on the pill so I figure that luck runs in the family.”

—Sal, 27



“Sometimes I’m thinking about how much I’m enjoying myself. Other times, usually when I’m tired or stressed out, I’m thinking about how I wish she’d hurry up and cum so I can. Of course no girl I’ve ever dated seems to be able to cum when I’m feeling that way and so I just cum when I’m tired or losing interest.”

—Harry, 26 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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