11 Dudes Confess The Truth About How Jacking Off Can Actually Hurt Them

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You can accidentally build up bad habits such as:

  • Rushing and training yourself to have a hair trigger.
  • Death grip and making it hard for you to come without something as tight as your own grip.
  • Upping the ante on your preferred kink or type of porn until you have trouble getting hard with other stuff or real people.

The solution to all of these is diversity. Change your speed, your grip, your preferred stimulation, use your imagination sometimes, edge sometimes…whatever works for you. Just don’t do the exact same thing every time, for years on end.




After a while, you can become reliant on it. Failure with women becomes ok because you can still go home and jerk off. Anything in excess is bad.




A real woman won’t be enough of a turn on for you.

Death grip is real – a vagina is very delicate in how it feels inside and the pressure it gives your dick, and you won’t be able to come from blowjobs or penetration and will need to jack yourself off, giving you delayed ejaculation. This can be a real issue for some women as they see themselves as not good enough for you. My GF doesn’t care, she says it’s less clean up some nights.

You won’t be able to come when it matters – during sex. Because you jacked it that morning or the day after. Not coming from penetration is one thing, not coming at all is a problem.

Ultimately though, your sex drive for a real woman will vanish, and if you’re a virgin or have been doing it for too long, a real woman just won’t cut it for you. You’ll have a desire to have sex like a porno and real sex is fucking NOTHING like what you watch.




My SO was single and had no sex for five years before he met me. He masturbated multiple times a day. so shortly into dating, I found him choosing masturbation over me and yea. I told him that was a problem he had to come to terms with or we weren’t gonna work.

Thank God he chose me.




After a long period of being single while wanking regularly, it can be hard to get off in bed with an actual woman. You get used to your routine, anything different might not have the same effect because you need to do the same thing to finish.




It’s kinda an energy killer. This is especially bad if you already suffer from apathy.




Getting the call from the girlfriend 5 min later saying she wants to hang out.




It may seem otherwise based on theory but personally, I’ve found it to increase my libido too much. Which leads to a whole lot of shit that makes the world a worse place.




Masturbation is healthy as long as you aren’t doing it too often, too often being any more than 4 times a week. As it uses up huge amounts of dopamine in your brain (Especially if you’re edging).

For those who don’t know, dopamine being the reward part of your brain, it is the motivation behind you making an action in regards to anything in life, you need it to get up in the morning, go to work, brush your teeth, literally anything that isn’t lying in bed or sitting on the couch with no motivation to get up, the usage of so much dopamine causes there to be a lack of dopamine in other parts of your life.

That’s just the masturbation part, masturbation itself isn’t really the problem as long as you don’t do it too often, the biggest problem is porn. As porn triggers more dopamine in the brain than sex with a recurring partner due to a number of reasons, the biggest being that if you get bored of one porn, another will excite you, doesn’t work that way with real sex with a regular partner.

Overexposure to porn has a higher increase in social anxiety, depression, low motivation, erectile dysfunction, concentration problems, and negative self-perceptions.

In my personal opinion without any real evidence to back it up, people should aim to masturbate once a week or less, preferably without porn.




If I do it more than once a day I lose my edge. If I go 3 days or more I start acting more primal, aggressive and confident. Don’t ask me why.




Accidentally shooting loads onto your eyeballs, inside of nostrils, and all over your mouth. I guess just be careful not to point it in the direction of your face, unless you like that sort of thing.

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