24 Men And Women Confess The Raunchy Sexual Fantasies They’d Never Share With Their SO

Kira Ikonnikova

1. Boyfriend Solo Action

I really like watching solo stuff. I want to watch my boyfriend masturbate, or hump a pillow, or fuck a melon or something weird. When he goes down on me and he thrusts against the bed a little…. ugh. Yes. Something about the desperation in it maybe.


2. I Like Pain!

Hair pulling and pretty intense biting/scratching/grabbing. I know it’s not uncommon, but the last guys I’ve been with are so uncomfortable with actually biting/scratching with force. I’m not asking for you to make me bleed (dear god no), but I like a little pain!


3. When He “Forces” Himself On Me

I like a lot of things. But one unspoken thing is I love being forced upon by my husband. He picks up on my cues so well. I really struggle and fight him off. He overpowers me every time. Obviously, he knows I love it, but we don’t talk about it. There have been a few times we’ve watched things that kind of talk about that kind of kink and I just wink at him. I’m a really dominant woman in everyday life. I’m outspoken and speak up for myself/family. He’s much more reserved. It’s great having that flipped behind closed doors.


4. Black Ankle Socks

Dude, socks. I couldn’t fuckin tell you why. It’s not feet, I checked, but it’s not just any sock lying around either. It’s socks on feet. They gotta be clean, not sweaty or dingy. My preference is black ankle socks, but I’ll swing through the rainbow and up the leg until they become tights; tights are more of an underwear thing if you ask my libido.

I tried easing my last girlfriend into it, mentioned that women reach orgasm easier in socks (I’ll sauce that when I’m off mobile). She wasn’t having it though, kinda broke my heart. Socks occupy a lot of real estate in my Id. I once was at a party, at a house with a no shoes preference, and this drunk friend of mine accidentally stepped on my foot. Our twin, cotton-clad extremities just about put me on a pacemaker.


5. Creampies

I wish my SO was into creampies….he’s so scared I’ll get pregnant, even though I have the birth control implant in my arm. Maybe one day.


6. You’re Beautiful

Being told I’m beautiful, repeatedly. It’s embarrassing to even type that.


7. Cowboys and A nice southern drawl

I have a slight thing for cowboys. There’s something very attractive about a cool, handsome gruff cowboy with a nice Southern drawl. Think “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly” era Clint Eastwood. But I know that if I tell him, my beautiful, beautiful boyfriend WILL TAKE IT TOO FUCKING FAR. HE WILL WEAR A COWBOY HAT AND ASSLESS CHAPS. HE WILL TALK DIRTY TO ME A LA “LARRY THE CABLE GUY”. WE’LL BE FUCKING TO COUNTRY MUSIC. I HATE COUNTRY MUSIC. Bless his heart, but he would use my simple attraction to cowboys as a way to absolutely mess with me. And that beautiful, beautiful fucking bastard knows this. I love that man, but I will never tell him.

Also getting slapped in the face.


8. Santa Kink

A while ago he sorta gave me a Santa kink as a joke because I thought it was weird and gross. I want it to be gone but I don’t know, I think parts of it are still there.

It started when I was sitting in his lap and he jokingly grabbed me and moaned “what do you want for Christmas little girl” in my ear which got me wet instantly. That was more the fact that he was so forceful and was moaning in my ear and breathing down my neck, but it was so funny that it turned me on that he kept doing it. I started calling him daddy as payback because he hates it but if I say it right he’ll get a conflicted boner. He’d whisper/moan things like “you’re Santas little ho ho ho” while holding me tightly because he knows I love being called his bitch, slut, ho, whore, whatever. Anyway when I really pushed how I felt with the daddy thing he stopped, but I think parts of it are still there. Thinking about him in a Santa costume with like a fake beard that’s pulled down so I still see his face is still something that maybe kinda does it for me. Not as much as something like a cop hat and aviators, but I mean, I enjoy a bunch of parts of it.


9. Tickling

Tickling. My last partner certainly suspects it at this point and has straight-up asked, but I’ve never actually told anyone.


10. “Good Boy”

Being called a good boy after sex.


11. Sex AnyTime, Anywhere

It’s hard to put into words but I will try. I like the idea of a man knowing he wants to fuck me and when he’s horny he sort of just slides my leggings and panties down, and bending me over and just going at it with no regard to what’s going on around us. Like if we have to pull the car over just to have sex bent over the trunk of the car, just because HE was horny.

I sometimes find myself fantasizing about like… being part of a room full of girls that are naked on their hands and knees, not in any private way, just next to each other. The men can come in and have sex with the ladies just as stress relief or whatever, and then clean up and leave.

Never told this to anyone /:


12. Gender Play

Sometimes when my husband goes down on me I pretend I have a dick and he’s sucking it. I don’t think I could ever tell him, though.


13. Fucked By A Priest

I want to get fucked hard by a legitimate priest (evangelical is preference) while he recites Old Testament or revelations passages like a Sunday sermon.

Brought it up to my husband not too long ago, and after a pause, he suggested that I need to calm the hell down.


14. A Man Who Growls

He was feeling me up, then growled, GROWLED, into my ear as if he wanted to devour me. Hasn’t done it since that one time, but even the thought gets me all worked up…


15. Pegging And Edging

I really like cum and creampies. I also have this kink of edging a guy and watching him cum with no hands. I like watching guys cum. I really want to try Pegging. My SO is really vanilla and even though this seem not so bad, I still get too nervous to tell.


16. An All Day Creampie

I want to cum in her (either pussy or ass) and have her just put her panties and clothes back on and go out to work or shopping or whatever… with my cum slowly leaking out as she goes about her day.


17. A Haiku

Worshipping her ass

Anything and everything

involving her ass


18. Cock Choking

I love being choked with cock but most guys are not too keen on it.


19. “Daddy”

Being called “daddy”. She said it once in the heat of passion and it was so hot. Other girls I’ve been with run with it but I haven’t explicitly brought it up to her because I’m pretty sure she’ll laugh and just not do it ever.


20. Ass Play

Her licking/playing with my asshole while she strokes my shaft.

Truth is my ass is hairy as fuck and when I shave my farts get 10x as loud and wet sounding (plus it itches as it grows back).

So it’s either live my sexual fantasy but never fart again. Or miss out on an entire world of joy but still cut the cheese silently.


21. Sleeping Girls

I love sex (consensual) with sleeping girls. Something about the peacefulness and thrill about it is hot to me. My ex would let me do it if she drank and it was great, but I wouldn’t tell anyone casually because even I think it’s a little rapey. Even though that’s truly not why I like it.


22. Crying

For some reason, I always get a boner when my SO cries. I haven’t explored it enough to see if it’s just when she cries or just crying in general. That being said, I’m terrified of the next time I have to go to a funeral.


23. Man Thighs In Stockings

Men in lingerie. No makeup or dresses or anything like that. Lacy panties and thigh highs. Goddamn. I think my husband kind of knows but it’s never really been addressed. I’m sure he would try it out if I wanted to pursue it but he’s a bigger guy and I’m not sure how easy it would be finding something that would fit him. But dem thighs in stockings….fuuuuuuuuck.


24. Dominate Him From Behind

I’m a girl and I’d love to take my SO from behind and just dominate his ass until he’s screaming and crying in pain / pleasure.

I have way too many weird and strange fetishes to list.

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