21 Bikini Wax Salon Workers Share The Most NSFL Experiences They’ve Ever Had On The Job

Jakob Owens

1. The Virgin, Just Before Her Wedding

A girl came into my salon a month before she got married. She had never groomed her pubic hair and claimed to be a virgin. She wanted to be waxed right before her wedding. Completely natural, right? I recommended she get a wax now, and another before the big day since there was no way of knowing how her prized lady bits would react to the wax. She declined at set an appointment 3 days before her wedding. Fair enough.

When she came back, I was NOT prepared for the amount of pubic hair she had. It was unusual for a fair skinned blonde client to have LONG COARSE BLACK hair. But whatever it’s my job. So I trim her up, clean her, and prepare for to wax her. Again, she had ungodly amounts of dark hair. Even trimmed, her skin was barely visible. So after inspecting her and not seeing any issues, I begin waxing. I shit you not, she had skin tags and perturbing moles that I DID NOT SEE before starting. To get to the point, I pulled a strip from her labia area and pulled off about 20 skin tags. She yowled. The entire salon heard. And then she started bleeding. Like gushing blood. We know how to handle bleeding pores. But I had never heard of this. So we’re both screaming and crying and I have to call her an ambulance because she would NOT STOP BLEEDING.

I thought I almost killed her. Maybe not the grossest story, but it was traumatic. I changed professions soon after. I imagine her wedding night wasn’t magical either.


2. Not Cool

Briefly worked as a waxer after I graduated from cosmetology school. Quit after this dude kept coming in with larger, and larger anal beads in his ass.


3. An “Air Bubble”

I used to be an aesthetician and I’ll never forget the first Brazilian I ever gave a girl. I was inexperienced so to get the butt area I made her go on all fours. After I powdered up her butt, I was holding her cheeks open and closely examining the direction of her hair growth so I’d know which direction to spread the wax… as I was trained to do. Then all of a sudden I see her butthole opening and closing and opening and closing and then BAM. She fully farted in my face. She was super embarrassed and said it was an “air bubble.” Didn’t smell like one though…


4. That’s Not Where It Goes

This wasn’t really something gross that the client did but something that the esthetician did. I’m currently in school for esthetics and one of my instructors was telling us about a former student who was scheduled her first Brazilian appointment. Everything went well until she got to the woman’s butthole and she wasn’t really sure what to do with it so she scooped some hard wax up with a popsicle stick, spread it across and stuck it INSIDE her butthole like we do with nose waxes.


5. I Hope you’re not eating right now

Sperm bubbles. Women didn’t always wash up after sex and they’d come in for a wax. Sometimes the semen would form a bubble while you were waxing and then it would pop and leave you with an awful rancid sperm smell.


6. Out of her comfort zone

Esthetician here. My worst experience was a full Brazilian wax on an extremely obese woman. I was relatively new to the field and lacked the experience to deal with this type of situation.

I couldn’t get the angles right, I felt so awkward asking her to hold her stomach that blanketed over her vagina, and her legs were just too large for me to actually reach the area. (She was unable to bend the legs properly)

I think at one point I lost wax between a fold and had to pry the skin/hair apart to apply the strip.

I remember my back hurting from the way my body was positioned, frantically trying to finish on time for my next client, and so much sweat! (both of us, it was the dead middle of summer)

I’m sure a seasoned esthetician may have been able to handle this better, but that’s my worst experience.


7. “Sometimes I Wonder Why I Still Do This”

I currently work at a waxing center and I have had many foul experiences. I love my job but sometimes I wonder why I still do this. A new client had come in for a full Brazilian. She was no older than 17 and it was her first time doing it. I was trying to make her as comfortable as possible and explain everything I was doing. So we finish the front and I tell her to flip over and hold her butt cheeks so I can do the butt strip. I apply the wax over her butthole, I guess she wasn’t expecting it because she farted and blew a bubble with the wax. It popped so loudly that it echoed in the room. I had never seen anything happen like that before. I could see she was humiliated and I was embarrassed for her. I immediately turned around and started fumbling with anything I could get my hands on to pretend I didn’t just see what happened.

I never saw that girl again.


8. Evil Ex Starts Drama

Oh oh! I have a story. I am not a waxer but one time I was getting waxed at a new place and thought things were going just fine. I was making small talk with the esthetician while all spread-eagled on the table. She was facing away getting her supplies ready and she started sniffling and I thought she might be crying? I was like “okay I know it’s been a while, but I can’t be that shocking….” and I asked, “hey are you okay?” And she turned around just full on ugly snot crying and explained to me that the appointment before mine was her recent ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend!


9. Worms, Yes, Worms

A worm fell out of someone’s butthole when I was waxing it. A tiny, little maggot-y looking worm.


10. A Girl With No Butthole

My waxy lady and I talk about this all the time.

She said girls come in on their periods all the time. She doesn’t mind as long as there’s a tampon in place and it’s clean. Some ladies don’t comply. She’s seen women who haven’t properly wiped their BH after taking a dump. But the weirdest thing she saw was a girl who was born without an asshole. I don’t know who/why/how/what/where but yeah. That’s weird. Unfortunate, mostly.


11. No Tampon

Esthetician student here. I plan on going into Brazilians/manzilians/bikini waxing (and full body) after graduation.

The number of people who come in during their monthly cycle, only wearing a pad…? Come on now.


12. Labial Abscess

My friend is an aesthetician. She has sent ladies to the GYN for growths, aromas, etc. She says it’s about once a month that she has to have that awkward talk with a client.

The worst one she ever told me about was a sweet older lady with a labial abscess. Poor woman, it must have hurt like hell. She had it treated and came back to say thank you.


13. The Circumcized penis

I got a full Brazilian as a dude. Female esthetician works on me. My gf is waiting in the lobby. After she’s about halfway through the front she asks if she can ask a slightly unprofessional question. I say sure. She says she’s never seen a circumcized penis before but didn’t ask me any actual question, just made the comment. The worse part was that the walls were thin so pretty much the whole lobby heard the conversation.


14. It’s A lot like being a nurse

I think the toughest thing I’ve ever seen through as a waxer was a minor getting a Brazilian (yes her parent knew and signed a consent form) who didn’t clean herself properly(looked like she had diarrhea and wiped back to front) with super thick hair and I got stuck pulling a labia strip. It was my fault, I didn’t cleanse and poke around thoroughly enough before I started, but I almost went to go get a coworker bc I thought I was going to need help pulling it off. The client was a champ though, bore with me throughout the whole process. Definitely the toughest experience I’ve had, even beyond the 400+ lb ladies I see.

I’ve been a body waxer for five years now, and we are a special breed. It’s almost like nursing when it comes to putting on the professional face when we’re confronted with something gross. But tbh, it’s really not that bad of a profession. Smells yes, some excretions yes, blood yes, even poop sometimes yes. But you’re there to do a job, and if you’re good enough at it, you push through it. These people are opening up an incredibly vulnerable part of their body to a complete stranger. The last thing I want to do is scar them for life by making a face or a rude comment. So shake some extra powder on there and keep laying those strips! It’ll be over soon enough.


15. It’s Almost Like He’d Planned this

Not my story, but had a friend who did waxing for awhile.

She had a guy come in and request a waxing for his taint/ass area. When she did, the guy orgasmed on release. It was obviously awkward, the guy apologized profusely, and it was a “no harm no foul” but “don’t do it again” situation.

Well, of course, he returned after some time and he came again. They banned him from returning.


16. This is what a prolapse looks like

A woman in her 40s came in, and 5cm of her intestines was sticking out of her anus inside-out. She told us she had pushed so hard when she gave birth, that she pushed it out.


17. Cadbury Cream Egg

At one point in my esthetics career I did a lot of waxing, like 12 Brazilians a day, so I have seen/smelt some horrifying shit. The most memorable wtf moment was while waxing a well-groomed sorority girl. She was utterly oblivious to the rank odor emanating from her junk. There was discharge. I pulled a strip from her lower labia, near her vaginal opening and what I can most accurately describe as the contents of a large Cadbury cream-egg stuck to the edge of the strip and splattered on the wall behind me. She remained blissfully ignorant of the bacterial projectile.


18. Two Unforgettable Stories

Finally, it’s my time to shine! There are 2 that I’ll never forget:

  • The seemingly normal, average 20-something-year-old girl who apparently had no idea that her vagina/butthole needed to be cleaned. A lot of women are kind of gross, but this one…she had her period, had an insane amount of discharge, and looked like she never wiped her ass. When I did the strips on her butt crack, there was poop on them afterward.
  • The old man who would come in for Brazilian laser treatments. He was pretty weird from the get-go – like an older, flamboyant Jeffrey Rush. The first two times he came in, he got hard while I was lasering him. Guys get hard during waxes sometimes, you get used to it and they’re more embarrassed than you are usually. The third time this guy came in, I was on my last few rows when all of a sudden he made a noise, I looked up, and he had ejaculated on his stomach. I very quickly did my last 3 or 4 pops w the laser, told him he was done and left the room. I called my manager and told her what happened and he was never seen again. He didn’t even tip me :-/

Also, the amount of women that fart while you’re waxing them is unbelievable. They always get so embarrassed and I tell them it happens all the time. You’re clenching, holding your knees up to your chest for part of it, it’s bound to happen sooner or later.


19. Bad Kitty

Not my story, but my aunt’s. When she was in school to become an esthetician, the students would do cheap waxes on walk-in clients to help them learn. The first time she did a Brazilian, she noticed long red “scratch” marks as she was waxing the girl. Initially, she was worried she was doing something wrong but neglected to say anything because the girl didn’t seem in pain or anything. What she thought were scratches turned out to be part of a larger tattoo that covered the girl’s entire vulva… it said “Bad Kitty” and featured claw marks.

Once she finished school, she limited her waxing to face-only.


20. The Legend Of Towel Mountain

I once worked as a camera operator for an instructional video for estheticians learning how to do various waxing techniques. The male model for the Brazilian wax demonstration had extremely saggy and sensitive balls, which he apologized for prior to disrobing.

Now picture this: he was in a tabletop position on his hands and knees with a well-powdered anus, balls drooping halfway down his thigh. The instructor was doing her talking bit after powdering said butt hole, during which the model casually reached down under the table, grabbed a towel, and molded it between his hands into as high-standing of a wad of towel that he could. He pushed the towel lump back along the table and through his knees. Upon bumping up against his testicles it pushed the saggy sack back along the line of a pendulum, much like a person on a swing set pulled back about to be given their initial shove. Alas, there was no releasing the balls to the forces of gravity. Instead, he casually reached around the back of his legs, picked up the soon to be hairless pair and perched them on the towel mountain. The instructor continued on her script talking into the camera none-the-wiser. It was a completely mundane but extremely bizarre scene. I left the camera running, zoomed on his anus mind you, and walked out into the hallway to collapse in laughter. This is the legend of towel mountain.


21. Will you be my mommy?

My waxing lady used to work in an actual salon but now works mobile. She had a dude come into the salon who wanted his back, sack and crack waxed. As standard practice, she told him she would leave the room for a few minutes whilst he got undressed and positioned himself on the table. Upon her return to the room, she found the guy dressed in an adult diaper, bib, frilly hat and with a dummy. He asked her if she would be his mommy. I think more shit went down but she didn’t go into detail.

I don’t know if she quit right away, but that is why she no longer works in a salon and only has clients she can trust.

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