16 Men Share The One Sex Tip They Wish Every Woman Knew

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1. Don’t Be Afraid To Show Desire

If you show that you want it more than anything else at the moment, that’s… wow!


2. Humping Is A Thing

Hump..no seriously. Some women get humped, some women bounce up and down..but the BEST women get their hips into it and gyrate. This includes during doggy style. Yes, you can actually move. Work those hips.


3. His Neck Is For More Than Holding His Head Up

Try the neck kiss. I never knew that could literally make my knees go weak until a girl kissed me there.


4. Act On Your Desires

Sometimes my GF is horny but wants me to take the first step. I wish that was different!


5. Make Him Want It

During head don’t go straight to putting my dick in your mouth. Start at the balls, then lick the shaft until you can see the look in my eyes which is basically begging you to put my dick in your mouth.

I will cum every time from this and may propose to you afterward.


6. Keep Those Hickeys Below The Collar

On techniques, I’m a huge fan of having a girl ride me. If she’s on top I get to enjoy seeing her put that together with showing she’s into it and some vocal cues I’m all about it! It’s been said before but some kissing and sucking on the neck is also a huge turn on. Just keep the neck kisses below the collar if he has to look professional for work cause hickeys do not look good in that setting.


7. Twerk It Out

Imagine how a guy, when on top, he is thrusting repeatedly.

Now, turn that around with you on top and you thrusting your hips up and down. It is almost like twerking, shit is twerking. Amazing, I mean truly amazing.

The hardest part, I am guessing, is the stamina of keeping it going.


8. Give some sexy Feedback

Every now and again, during doggie style, look back with that “ohhhgodddd” look in your eye and bite your lower lip.

Holy Christ…


9. Speak Up

Be vocal! Tell me if you dislike what I’m doing, or if you really like it and want me to keep going. I can’t get myself off if I’m not getting you off, that’s just how I am.


10. Take Charge, Girl!

If there’s something that your guy does when he gets really into it (slapping your ass, grabbing your ankles, a finger in the butt), tell him to do it instead of just letting it happen.

It’ll unlock a sweeping feeling of validation and he’ll super dig it.


11. Use Those Teeth

This may not work for everyone, but bite me. Right in the neck/shoulder area.

If a girl bites my shoulder playfully while kissing or something, I’m turned on. If it’s on the neck, I’m ready to go then and there.


12. Don’t Be A Starfish

Starfish is never a valid technique.

Starfish: Female sexual partner who remains ‘unmoved’ during lovemaking, physically non-responsive (like a …).


13. Work The Slow Blow

Working the ‘slow blow’, the best blow jobs in my life were done patiently. Really loving being in control and maintaining eye contact, stroking my abs, inner thighs & balls like I’m the only guy you ever want to play with. Being in the moment.

God damn, I miss those blow jobs.


14. Mix It Up In A Way he Won’t forget

Once, I was getting a bj on the couch and she stopped, stood up and turned around, sat on my dick and rode me, then got up and knelt back down to continue blowing me. One of the sexiest things that I’ve ever experienced.


15. Some Key Facts About Dicks

I wish every girl knew that holding my dick down at the base when giving a hand job didn’t help me get off. I wish every girl knew the glans was the male equivalent of the clit. I wish every girl knew that not all men were hard 24/7 around women – even if they found them attractive. I wish girls knew men experience anxiety/ a multitude of other things that contribute to not being able to get it up and that it isn’t because of them – and that asking that makes it worse. I wish all girls knew that being open and honest was the best way to achieve great sex.


16. Remember Sex Is Something You Do Together

You are responsible for your own orgasm. You can work together towards it as a team, but don’t expect your partner to just….know what gets you off.

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