15 Guys Talk About The Extremely Sexist Stereotypes About Men That Make Them Want To Punch Themselves In The Throat

Alejandro Alvarez

1. None, Not One

“There’s no good ones left.”


2. Men Are Helpless

“That single men are portrayed/stereotyped as can’t cook or clean for themselves without there being a punchline or joke involved somehow involved. Such as man attempts to cook but burns it to a crisp or does laundry and shrinks/ruins clothes. Or as to survive on takeout for every meal. Like WTF?”


3. Dads Are Unfeeling Idiots

“I’m tired of the dad on tv being portrayed as stupid or clueless about his kids. Or not even caring about the house and kids, just because mom is a stay at home mom.”


4. Men Are Shallow

“‘Men are so shallow.’

They are, but you say that as if women aren’t. Just listen to women discuss height in men and it’s the most superficial shit ever. The only physical trait that men care about almost as much as that is weight, which is something you can control.”


5. That Men All Need To Assert Dominance Over Strangers


Utterly infuriating in how much utter nonsense it is. Which is more likely: That men sit with their legs open as a subconscious way of displaying dominance over and exert a form of oppression on the women around them; or that men simply have soft dangly parts between their legs that are sensitive to heat and pressure – making it uncomfortable to sit with legs closed?”


6. That Short Men Have A Syndrome

“That short men have ‘short man syndrome,’ I’m 5’5 and I’m chilled out. I very rarely lose my temper and I can be assertive without needing to go overboard and try and overcompensate. Height is not an issue to me and never has been, so much so that I asked out a woman who was 6’0 a few years ago.”


7. Men Are Always Wrong

“That gender issues are generally caused by men being in the wrong about everything.

Also that men get away with things because people say ‘boys will be boys.’ Men get longer jail sentences for the same crimes, and boys are more likely to be suspended from school for the same infractions, vs girls. It’s the opposite of the truth!”


8. Men All Engage In Locker Room Talk

“‘Men and their ‘locker room talk.’

No, fuck that. Men, at most, go ‘I got laid’ or ‘I screwed Trish last night’ if they’re feeling vulgar.

Women have the nastiest fucking talk I’ve ever heard, and they have no problem sharing shit that most men would feel awful just thinking about.”


9. Men Are All Oblivious And Potential Predators

“That we’re all potential predators.

And also how ‘oblivious’ we are. We don’t know if you’re being friendly or actually flirting, so maybe you can make the first move every once in a while?”


10. Men Are Dumb

“The ‘Me dumb husband, me no understand how cook food but me like football and beer’ tripe on primetime laugh track comedies.

I understand it, and to be honest men probably support it more than anything by thinking they relate to it (maybe they do?) but it still annoys me. At least have some subtlety or complexity like they did with Bryan Cranston’s character in Malcolm in the Middle.”


11. All Men Are The Same

“‘All men are the same.’

Untrue and unhelpful in any context.”


12. Men Only Want Sex

“‘Men only want sex. You can tell because some men wanted to have sex with me.’

A lot of men want sex, and that includes having sex with their pretty friends who are nice to them. Just because they want sex doesn’t mean they ‘only’ want sex and that the rest of the friendship is totally invalidated.

If a guy stops hanging out with you or trying to be your friend after you turn him down, that guy probably only wanted sex, but there are lots of guys who can propose escalating the relationship but still be fine with maintaining a normal, platonic friendship if you’re not interested in that.

Also just because he leaves doesn’t mean he only wanted sex. If you catch the feels for a friend and get turned down, you might need some space.”


13. Male Sexuality Is Creepy

Creepy this, creepy that. Apparently, male sexuality is inherently creepy. Ugh.


14. That It’s Okay To Generalize Men

That all men make sweeping judgments of women and not all women are like that.


15. Men Are Fuckboys

“That all men only care about looks or all men are cheaters. Or when guys are labeled fuckboys, seriously, what is a fuckboy? It’s like it’s slut shaming but for men. The hypocrisy of some women! They hate when they are shamed for having too much sex, but then go around and start labeling guys that have a lot of sex fuckboys.”

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