This Girl Posted Proud Selfies Of Her New Figure And The Hate She Got And From Who Will Make You Angry

Taking selfies is a national right, especially if you’ve been working hard to get the figure that will make you happy. This girl appears to have posted her workout progress but she didn’t get the response she thought she might.

Even more absolutely mind blowing, the criticism of women weighing “over 200 pounds” all seems to have come from other women.

They start with criticizing her leggings but it only gets worse.

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Nope, no booty shorts are not allowed.

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If you’re over 200 pounds you can’t wear a crop top.

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And you can forget wearing a bikini!

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I don’t know why girls like to tear each other down on social media this way but it’s completely unacceptable and disgusting.

If someone is happy with their body then just let them be happy. It doesn’t take anything away from you and just shows how insecure you secretly are. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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