26 Men Answer the Question ‘How Long Does It Take A Guy Orgasm’ (And Why)


1. Waaaay Too Long

“Way too long, it’s kinda a problem. No faster than like 30 minutes, and up to an hour.

Sometimes you just want to bang out a quickie, and that’s not happening. PIV or blowjobs. Anal I can go a little faster, maybe around 15 min.

That’s with a condom, rawdog hasn’t been for a while. I haven’t had a GF in like 1.5 years, but from what I remember not appreciably faster.”


2. Faking It

“As another man with sensitivity issues, I have some experience in this field.

One of the first things I did was to have a frank, but honest conversation with my partners before any sex occured, to explain to them that it’s not something that I have any control over. I don’t choose whether or not I cum, and it has nothing to do with me not finding them attractive, or not wanting to have sex with them. (I’m amazed at the insensitivity that some women display towards men with anorgasmia. They act as if your inability to climax is some sort of comment about them…. Now THAT’s an uncomfortable conversation…)

The results from using this method have been mixed. Many partners are okay with this, but others hear it and see it as ammunition to use against you when the mood strikes them. However, I’ve long since learned that the latter category of people are not the sort of people you should be sleeping with anyway… No matter how awesome the sex might be.

Nowadays, I just fake it.

I’m pretty good at faking it, the girl gets to feel like a sex goddess. I get to feel like a normal person instead of having to explain my medical issues in-depth, and I also get to roll over and go to sleep once I get tired. It’s a win-win!”


3. Accomodating

“However long the other person wants.

30 seconds? No problem.

3 hours? I need to stretch and have some horrible imagery ready.”


4. Average To Higher Than Average

“10-30 minutes.”


5. Higher Than Average

“Depends on a lot of variables, such as: how long has it been since I’ve had sex? When was the last time I jerked off? Am I wearing a condom? Also, how are we defining ‘how long can you last?’ Is it until you cum, or until you can no longer fuck, because these can be two different things.

Considering all these, I’d say I range from 10-45 minutes. Though on the 45 minute one, I came almost immediately, but switched to foreplay for a few minutes until I got hard again then continued, never even pulled out.”


6. Priorities

“Probably around 10 minutes excluding lots of foreplay. I don’t think it matters, just get her off first, then everything else is a bonus.”


7. Time It Based On Her reactions

“Really depends, sometimes I can’t come at all and I can just fuck forever, sometimes I come in 5 minutes, but usually it’s about 10 to 20 minutes?

The trick is if you want to go fast and hard you have to get her to climax and then you can slow down. You have to know when she’s close, how to get her there etc without getting to orgasm yourself. Also clitoris helps a lot.”


8. It really depends

“When I’m very horny and it’s been a while: A matter of seconds.

When we’re taking it extra slow: 15 minutes? 20? Although it’s a bit of a va banque to go that long, as her vagina tends to get impatient and grumpy after ~15 mins.

When having our ‘routine intercourse’: 1-5 minutes per round x usually 2 rounds back-to-back = 2-10 mins on average. It’s a pretty broad bandwidth, because a lot of factors are involved.

When intoxicated, exhausted, or wearing a condom: Theoretically indefinitely I guess, though practically she’s always noticed that I wasn’t feeling much and we stopped.

All figures guesstimated from randomly seeing the time passing at the bedroom alarm clock. I don’t take a stopwatch to bed.”


9. It’s Not so Much about lasting…

“Unfortunately, I’m one of those guys who has incredible difficulty in getting off. In my whole life, I have reached climax only once from sex, and even then, it wasn’t all that great.

As such, the limiting factor to how long I can last in bed isn’t how long I can go without cumming… It’s how long I can go without getting exhausted, getting bored, or getting flaccid.

So, about an hour and a half to two hours.”


10. From A Dominant

“30-60min. dependent upon her getting her off, then I’ll get mine.

I stay mindful, but disconnect the sensation, fast or slow. I listen to her breath and watching her body react to what I’m doing. I’m mostly dominant, so talking and changing position/switching her around usually preoccupies me mentally.”


11. Get The First One Out Of The Way

“I try to knock it out inside of 5 minutes. It gets hard though because it’s so easy for me to last a long time. I found that if I got my wife on top of me, with her back towards me and her legs spread while I’m inside her, I can knock it out faster. It helps a lot if she comes once or twice. I like this position because it puts me in control of making her cum faster. The faster she can knock hers out, the faster I can knock mine out.

If anything the real question should be how many times you can go in a day. On a perfect weekend I’d like to have a marathon and see who could have more orgasms. I think I could totally win at that one against my wife.”


12. Fixing The Brainwashing

“As long as she does.

When I was younger I was kinda obsessed with duration, society smashes it in your head that you MUST last ages. But I’ve since learned that it isn’t as important for most. Its about ‘did we have fun’ and ‘did we both get off.’ That takes as long as it takes.

With my current gf, we don’t give a flying fuck how long it takes for both of us. In fact we pride ourselves in both getting there quickly and going into cuddle puddle mode.”


13. Dick Locking

“I either manage to get my dick under control or I don’t. When I don’t I last less than two minutes. When I do, I can go virtually as long as I want until I mentally ‘unlock’ my dick.”


14. It Can Go Either Way

“20-30 minutes

If I haven’t popped in a long while I need to watch it because it can be a 5 second thing or a can’t finish thing.”


15. From Two To Two

“From 2 minutes to 2 hours. Anything >10min requires some concentration though.”


16. Awww

“Sorry, my clock only shows minutes and not seconds.”


17. Condom Sex Is Different

“I’ve only had condom sex and I last like 30+ mins of penetration if I control myself. If I’m just going nuts, maybe 5 mins.”


18. Science

“It depends. I usually finish it off when I start getting too winded. I’ve found that with experience and age I’ve got not cumming down to a science.”


19. Hard As Diamonds

“Not very long but I have a god given gift to nut like 3 or 4 separate times in a sesh while staying hard as diamonds so I can go as long as needed.”


20. Strange Tricks

“I have strange tricks where I can last as long as I want.

If I feel like I’m getting close to cumming, I start doubling a number in my head. I usually start at 256 then go to 512 then 1024 then 2048 then I have to start doing the math in my head to see what’s next. I keep a stroking while doing this but my mind is so occupied I don’t blow my load. Ive gotten pretty high before. Once she cums a few times I stop mathing and show my work.”


21. Positions Matter

“If I’m on my back I can go for say 50 minutes and go hard. Changing positions helps. If I’m on top much less than that. Also the colder it is the faster I bust for whatever reason.”


22. No Refractory Period

“I do not have a refractory period, so the short answer is it doesn’t even matter for me. I can just keep going as long as needed.”


23. Five to twenty-five minutes…plus thirty seconds

“I’ve found that the older I get the less I pay attention to this. I get her off first, then I go. I’ve found that women I’ve dated take longer to get off than me on average, so tbh when they’re done I’m kinda happy to go quick after that. No need to stretch it out after that.

So, I’d say probably 5-25 minutes plus about 30 seconds.”


24. She Passes out And they stop

“Depends, but most times way too long on account of the fact that my GF passes out from exhaustion after most times we have sex.”


25. A Few Seconds…But Then For Hours

“First go? A few seconds. Tops. After that initial burst, I can last for hours.”


26. Sometimes It’s Too Good

“I have literally finished before in less than 2 pumps. It’s very rare that it happens. Otherwise average, 15-25 mins if I’m pacing myself right. Longest was probably 90 mins and I felt the skin peel off even with copious amounts of lube.”

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