24 Men Share The One Killer Compliment That Will Have Them Eating Out Of Your Hand

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“Telling a guy that you feel safe around them is a good one. That’s primal, it hits us deep.”



“My wife will often tell me she is ‘proud of me’. Sometimes in relation to being a father, my work ethic, or just being a good husband to her. That one usually feels pretty good, it makes you want to continue to be a better person.”



“‘I’m happy you’re in my life.’

Hearing that from a special lady in my life would just actually make my life.”



“Any variation of, ‘I enjoy your company.’

‘I don’t find you to be a disgusting turn off’ is acceptable as well

I’m lonely.”



“I’d like to be called ‘hot’.

Was called ‘cute’ or ‘handsome’ by women but never ‘hot’.”



“I always read about how women love when guys wear button downs with the sleeves rolled up. One of my favorite things to wear out is a button down with rolled up sleeves, have yet to ever hear a girl say anything about it.”



“I had my girlfriend’s kids for about 5 hours yesterday.

While she was away, I did several loads of the kids laundry, cleaned her kitchen, dishes / floors, dinner, got em ready for bed.

Not a single thanks for any of it. It would have been nice. A contrite slap on the ass would have also sufficed.”



“‘4 inches is just as much as I need.’

I don’t make big sandwiches.”



“‘I’m glad you’re here.’ Either that or when I try to pull away after a hug they pull me back in and say ‘Not yet.'”



“The first compliment that stands out in my my mind, was when my wife and I were on a first trip together to a city outside our hometown. Towards the end of the trip she said, ‘You are doing a great job driving us around our city.’

This was 10 years ago so no smartphone and we didn’t have a GPS. It was all done the old fashion way by reading maps and memorizing routes to navigate without constantly reading a map.

I never thought I liked compliments before. That one went straight to my self-esteem and made it three times larger.”



“I suffer from anxiety and sometimes it’s an absolute Godsend when she picks up on a panic attack I’m having in my head and just says ‘Hey. I love you, and it’s going to all be okay.'”



“‘You’re enough for me.’ However you’d like to phrase it.

Seriously, guys worry about that shit too. Even if it’s stupid or unwarranted. For a lot of working guys, basically everyone else is asking for something, or something more from us, for the majority of our day. It never fails to make me feel a lot better about a shitty day, anyway.”



“When my girlfriend and I first started getting serious, she said something that I didn’t know would be so impactful, but it took my feelings for her to the next level. She said, ‘I want to be with you, not your ‘potential’. If you want to change, I have your back, but I’m with you either way.’

I seriously started tearing up, and all I could say was ‘thank you.’ It isn’t easy to make my gregarious, loquacious ass speechless, but she did it.”



“I want you.”



“Honestly, I just like when she says she likes how I look. Not in a ‘you’re hot’ kinda way, but like, when I haven’t shaved in a few days, and I have a kind of disheveled look.

Hearing ‘you look great’ in her sarcastic, but still honest way makes my heart melt :)



“The best one I ever received was from my best friend of all time I used to see. She would say ‘I love the way your mind works.’ Like if I figured something out, or thought of a solution for us or something. It was always the little things, but it made me feel like a rockstar.”



“I miss you.”



“Not really a compliment, but: ‘Thanks!’

People really underestimate the power of this word. One of the most satisfying things to hear from the woman/person you love. Don’t matter if the person did something ordinary, just thank him!”



“A compliment I do love receiving is when my wife tells me I’m a good dad. I feel really good about myself after that.”



“I think the best compliment I’ve ever received was from a girl one time after she came in for a hug, pulled back, gave me a big smile and said ‘You smell like Christmas!’ And then gave me another hug.”



“So I’ve never been much of a super fit guy, I stayed in decent shape but was sliding steadily into “dad-bod” territory when I finally made exercise (weights and cardio) more of a regular thing in my life about a year ago.

Needless to say, when I met my wife I certainly wasn’t attractive from a physique standpoint, I was basically pretty eyes and a big heart. Never really felt like I could turn a head by taking my shirt off or anything.

A month or so ago we’re sitting at the kitchen table during dinner and I’ve got my elbows up and hands resting under my chin which is passively flexing my biceps, and she curls a hand/arm around one to lean over onto me, pauses, and with what looks like surprise squeezes the muscle and gives this little appreciative ‘mmm’. Made me feel invincible.

So something like that.”



“‘You’re enough, relax. What you’re doing is enough.’

Thats it. That’s absolutely all I need.”



“‘You feel like home.’

This is borderline gender neutral and only something you can say when you have a very significant connection. On the rare occasions that I’ve said it, it always seems to have had a profound effect.”



“Well, my GF sometimes say to me out of the blue ‘you know, my day is instantly better when I see you.'”

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