19 Men Share The Specific Qualities That Make A Woman’s Eyes Magical

1. No Pinterest Eyebrows

“Bright, sparkles, full of life. You can see excitement and curiosity in them. They make eye contact with you.

Superficially, I prefer brown, but that’s less important.



2. Expressiveness Comes Through The Eyes

“Some people just really express themselves through their eyes (my wife is a great example). It’s not the color, size, or shape.

It’s this intangible beauty, that comes from the person, but is expressed through their eyes.”


3. You Can’t Fake Something So Real

“The real connection that you just cannot get through any other means than locking eyes just gets me. Doesn’t matter what her eyes look like, but meeting them and knowing she’s experiencing what I am is so intimate. And I am not just talking about sex or special moments. Sharing a laugh, waiting in line at the checkout, having a poo..ok, not the last one maybe. You just can’t fake how real it feels.”


4. Doe Eyes

“The color isn’t so important as the shape and size. I’m a real sucker for big ‘doe eyes’.

However, a striking color like bright blue or green is very attractive too. If she has heterochromia, I might melt in front of her.”


5. Deep Colors

“Deep colors. Now that is awesome. The color itself I irrelevant for me, but the depth can be really enchanting. Also kind eyes are nice.”


6. What Makes Them Seductive

“Seductive eyes, like the kind that look slightly less open than what they normally should be.

Eye make up can make any woman have beautiful eyes.

I don’t care about color.”


7. She Has An Old Soul

“‘Old soul’ eyes, that have lines/wrinkles/dark circles (aging is good!) around and some sort of “sleepiness” to them.”


8. They’re Dominant

“Medium and blue . Sexually dominant eyes. Like Olga Kurylenko in second Daniel Craig Bond movie. I don’t like big blue submissive vulnerable eyes.”


9. It’s The Little Things

“For me, it’s that little bit under the eyelid that bunches up when they laugh/ smile.”


10. It’s The Shape

“If they look soft, almond shaped eyes or bean shaped eyes are absolutely adorable. On the other scale sharper, or oval shaped eyes are what I’d consider hot.”


11. It’s The Life In THem

“The sparkle in them. Mostly in combination with a smile, happy bright eyes is what makes them beautiful, color doesn’t matter.”


12. Opposites Attract

“I have light colored eyes myself, but I go for girls with deep brown eyes. I don’t really know why.”


13. It’s The Shape, Not The Color

“Guys don’t care about eye color, they are attracted to eye shape. Big, friendly, well spaced eyes = boner town.”


14. Vibrance

“Any color can be beautiful, my wife has beautiful brown eyes. It’s not just about shape or size, it’s the sparkle and expressiveness too. Some women’s eye just have a vibrance that you can feel.”


15. Dark, Dark, Dark

“Eyes so brown they are black.”


16. It’s no One Thing

“It’s not so much the color of the eyes as it’s the eyes themselves. I guess it also partially has to do with being close enough to be able to look into their eyes and look at every detail of their eyes.”


17. Crow’s Feet

“When she smiles, and she gets those little crow’s feet, and her eyes just light up and it immediately makes everything feel right?

That, right there.



18. Eyes Should Smile

“Some people smile with just their mouth; the smile doesn’t reach the rest of their face. I guess I like eyes when they’re smiling too.”


19. It’s Really Not Just The Eyes That Make A Woman’s Eyes Beautiful

“Ok so, three things that catch my attention with a person, especially women, when I meet them are – eyes, personality, and vibe. You can have unflattering eyes as far as color goes, but you as a person is part of the experience for me. And the vibe is this more intangible thing – call it a six sense or the ‘gut’s reaction, but I either feel a kind of connection or I don’t. My wife doesn’t have eyes of winter blue, but I felt that woman in my soul the moment I laid eyes on her. There’s the physical spark for sure, but that’s not the entirety of my compliment when I give it. But that’s just me.”

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