39 Men And Women Share The Most Forbidden (And Weirdest) Place They’ve Ever Fucked

Vince Perraud

1. Thought It Would Be Kinky

“My mom is a cop. Me and my high school girlfriend (now wife) decided to see what it was like having sex in the back of her police car. We thought it would be kinky as hell and not many people would have the opportunity to do it. Turns out, when it’s your mother’s patrol car, it feels more like having sex in the back of your mom’s car than having sex in a police car… Also, not much room.

4/10 would not recommend.”


2. One Of His Favorite Memories

“Bent gf over a fallen tree next to a river. Wasn’t that far from a popular walking trail so people could have stumbled upon us. The memory of fucking in public, on a beautiful sunny day, overlooking a picturesque river is one of my favorite memories. No regrets.”


3. Spring Break Is Weird

“A hotel room. Not so inappropriate, until it is full of about a dozen wide awake people. My friend even handed me a condom. Fuck, Spring Break is weird.”


4. On The Roof Of A Hostel

“On the roof of a hostel in the middle of the afternoon.

Post-coitally we realised there was an office block nearby that could see onto the roof easily.”


5.  Middle of a Walmart display.

“Basically my girlfriend and I were a couple of horny teenagers who didn’t have very many places to go, and while we were at Walmart one time we found a display you could crawl into the middle of.”


6. At A Funeral Gathering

“Not me but a friend of mine fucked his girlfriend in a bathroom at a funeral gathering for his Aunt he never talked to. I thought it was hilarious but man is that an odd place to get your game on.”


7. Men’s Bathroom

“Movie theatre men’s bathroom (she snuck in).”


8. Handjob In Hancock

“Got a handjob from my high-school girlfriend in the theatre while watching Hancock. Got caught by the projector guy because we were in the back row and scolded by a cop.

She was super embarrassed I couldn’t stop laughing because of the irony of getting a handjob in Hancock (it’s the reason she gave me one in the first place).”


9. In The Projection Booth

“The projection booth in the auditorium of a grade school. (I used to date a teacher you perverts).”


10. In The Coat Check

“Coat check room of the VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) hall in a tiny town in Wisconsin, while people were banging on the door wanting to get their damn coats. When we finally came out 2 woman gave us the stink eye, a guy gave me the thumbs up.”


11. In A Church, Someone Else’s Church

“I’m going to hell for this.

Me and my first girlfriend (16 & 17) didn’t have anywhere to have sex because our parents were super Christian and at this point didn’t allow us to see each other.

We snuck out and I decided to break into my childhood church. I knew how to get one of the doors to open despite being locked. We climbed up through the attic and onto the storage balcony that overlooked the sanctuary and had barely enough room to lay down on the carpet flooring and get going.

It was probably 1-2am and we were extremely sheltered with a lot of sexual repression going on. The only thing I knew was to pull out before cumming, but for some reason didn’t think about touching my dick at all while I was, so we had sex for several hours and I came a total of seven times.

At about 5:30am, a bunch of Koreans came into the sanctuary for an early morning service. They started playing their instruments and doing their worship, but they couldn’t see us, and we kept going. Not exactly the best mood music but it didn’t stop us.”


12. SpookySex

“Graveyard 9/10 would do again.”


13. Cancer Ward

“In the bathroom of a cancer ward. With a cancer patient.”


14. Everything Is Classy In A Tuxedo

“A cemetery, in a thunderstorm, in a tuxedo, with a cocktail waitress from my sister’s wedding who I had just met. God I’m classy.”


15. On The Interstate

“While driving down the interstate.

Yes, it happened, logistically it was difficult. He was driving, I was on top facing him. It didn’t last til completion. Eventually we had to pull off an exit and finish up. It was the “honeymoon phase” of a relationship and we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. Not my proudest moment, but it deserves to be mentioned here.”


16. Boning On A Zamboni

“On a zamboni at a kid’s ice skating arena. While it was closed, mind you. But still, zamboni.”


17. A Bonus In The Back

“Fucked my supervisor in the ass in the back of our Starbucks after we closed.”


18. In Mom’s Van

“In the furthest seat in her mothers van…

…while her mother was driving. I still don’t know how we didn’t get caught to this day.”


19. California Adventure

“My ex girlfriend gave me a blowjob on the giant ferris wheel at Disney’s California Adventure.”


20. Loves Tent Sex

  • “Lost my virginity in a car in a crowded parking lot. We had to stop when someone walked by.
  • In a park in broad daylight with a friend keeping lookout and occasionally watching.
  • Threesome in a tent with about twelve of our friends sitting outside. The friends jokingly made fake noises afterwards.
  • In a tent in broad daylight. We had started it in a chair under a blanket with all our friends watching before retreating to the tent. When we came out, everyone just kind of smirked and made witty comments while the guy who had wanted to get frisky with me had the most kicked puppy expression on his face.
  • Tried a little bit of mild BDSM in a tent with a friend in broad daylight. Our friends knew what was happening, but belts against jeans are loud enough to be heard several campsites away.
  • Not so much location as situation: threesome with friends while a fourth person sat nearby idly browsing the web with her phone. Didn’t even look at us.”


21. Dating The Pastor’s Son Is Kinky

  • “My pastor’s bed
  • The church- various rooms, such as the sanctuary, the choir room, Sunday school rooms, kitchen counter, etc.
  • A cemetery

My first serious boyfriend was my pastor’s son. We were 16 and had sex constantly. We found whatever quiet areas we could. Churches and cemeteries are dark and empty most of the time. And a big bed was a nice change. Dusty Springfield’s “Son of a Preacher Man” holds a special place in my heart.”


22. At Movie Night In Front Of Everyone

“In front of ex-gf’s friends while having a conversation. Movie night, lights were on but we had cover. We were spooning. I realized her shorts were no match for the rager I had.”


23. In A Walgreens Drive-Thru

“I once had sex with a girl on my way home from a party. We stopped at a drive through Walgreens pharmacy. I picked her up and put her on the little counter they have. She had a little skirt on and I was in workout shorts. People were walking down the sidewalk only about 100 feet from us.”


24. Loves A Man In Uniform And His Car

“It’s gotta be a tie, both involving a police car. Either on the hood of a cop car with my then on-duty police officer boyfriend or while cuffed and under arrest in the back of the cruiser (they cuffed me behind my back and I was wearing a skirt, it wasn’t that difficult).

If I had to choose, I’d say while under arrest, simply because I know the guy driving the cruiser knew exactly what we were doing.”


25. Making The Clean Room Unclean

“I used to bang a fairly attractive Hawaiian girl in the clean room of pharmaceutical manufacturing company. ‘Gensia’ was the name.

Once or twice a week, she’d invite me in, we’d just stand around the corner at a desk, she’d get on her knees, or just drop trou and bend over. All these drugs in there for testing/quality assurance, and we’re going bareback.

Good times…”


26. Vroom

“I had sex with my ex on a random parked car once. At a remote parking lot. After about ten minutes the guy inside the car turned on the engine…”


27. At A Foam Party

“On the dance floor of a nightclub on holiday, in the middle of a foam party (that stuff gets everywhere) with my friend’s fiancé (I was told they had a holiday let-loose consensual partner-swap agreement, which turned out not to be the case).”


28. Port-A-Potty

“Not sure which of these is the most inappropriate, but here we go. Against a headstone in a cemetery, in the back of a van my friends were driving around, on a lifeguard tower on a public beach, or in a port-a-potty at a music fest. I do however know which is the grossest.”


29. While Petting A Fox

“Use to bang my ex on the beach or in the woods in high school. One day I noticed something as I’m going to town, I look next to me and there is a red fox staring at me not even 3ft away, just standing there staring watching two teenagers fuck like rabbits. 16-year old me really didn’t care and kept going about my business, Gf didn’t notice it either. Ended up petting the fox while fucking my GF. Not inappropriate just weird.”


30. Risky Business

“Girlfriend’s sister’s bedroom with her father sleeping on the floor.”


31. Hardcore Titanic

“Front of a cruise ship at night. It was like a scene out of the fucking Titanic. Didn’t realise until I was checking the TV out in my cabin that there was a camera on the front of the ship you could watch. Heart skipped a beat for split second but thankfully realised we wouldn’t have been in view.”


32. In A Dumpster

“Somewhat reluctant to admit this but…in a recyclables (mostly cardboard) dumpster next to our high school.”


33. In A McDonald’s PlayPlace

“In high school I had a long term boyfriend of 2 years. We were weirdos. I mean, weirdos. The kids with the black makeup running down their faces purposefully. You know the kind…

Anyways. We were at his favorite skate park in town and we got pretty hungry so we stopped at the McDonald’s next door.

Me, being the spazzy emo kid that wanted to be as (random) as possible, I decided fuck it lets go play in the playplace.

Boyfriend joined to be (random) too. Ended up fucking in one of the tunnels in the middle of the day.

Now that I’m a mother I feel disgusted in myself lol. But it’s a hell of a story.”


34. Not Cool

“The Berliner Dom. (Massive cathedral in Berlin)

Was walking around with my girlfriend and we realised we’d stumbled off the tour path… Instantly without a word said we knew what to do. No where to clean up either so smeared the wall with my cum….

I’m a bad person.”


35. On A Homeless Person’s Bed

“I first attempted to have sex on a memorial bench in the grounds of a church, it didn’t go in. The second time was in a random bin shed that for some reason already had a mattress in there. Now that I think about it, it was probably a homeless person’s bed, or somewhere people shoot up.”


36. On A Construction Crane

“Drunk on a 14 story crane. If you can ever finish with a scenic view, do it.”


37. Airport Diaper Changing Room

“Airport baby diaper changing room. Halfway through an angry mother started banging against the door. We stayed in there for a while hoping she would just leave. It must have been so obvious to everyone outside because we came back out and neither of us was carrying a baby and we’d been in there for a while.

There was no toilets inside or anything other than a table for changing diapers and a few chairs.”


38. Ancient Ruins

“Ancient ruins in Ireland. Amazingly good sex on a 7th century altar.”


39. A Sticky Situation

“Maple syrup factory.”

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